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We would like to thank all of our alumni for being so generous to the institution we all cherish. We hope that the years you spent at Ripon College, and the years following, were memorable and positive. We couldn’t do what we do without your support, and we look forward to seeing what we can all do together in the coming years!

Please note the following: the number of giving years is listed after name and class year in red. Class Agents listed served during the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

If you are interested in learning more about the Class Agent program, please feel free to email [email protected] or call 920-748-8126.


Gifts by Class



Lili R. Alderson
Serenity L. Zwaschka


Ashley Barry
Alyssa N. Naber
Cydney J. Pittenger
Sarah Weber


Logan M. Bidlingmaier
Parker J. Cox
Cameron C. Klein 2
Anya Lovisa Korovets 2
Brooklyn L. Landgraf 3
Tyler Munoz 2
Elizabeth Dalton Roy 2
Kelly J. Sarff


Class Agents: Kailee J. Betler, Mitra F. Kermani, Haley M. Stowell, and Adam R. Wronski

Anonymous Donors
Daisy Aguilera
Miye A. Aoki-Kramer
Samuel Y. Audisho
Ryan M. Bansemer
Erin M. Barrie
Jacob S. Benish
Kailee J. Betler
Brian Brown
Lane A. Brown
Austin T. Burton
Caitlin R. Carpenter
Madeleine R. Craig
Mackenzie Dibelius 3
Eric B. Doll
Morgan I. Exner
Kenneth J. George
Abel Gonzalez Rodriguez
Forrest Grade
Courtney N. Hall
Michael J. Hartman
Austin J. Heiselmann
Tayah M. Hiser
Devin C. Hoaglin
Bailey M. Jerrick
Trent A. Jones
Katelyn M. Kabacinski
Lindsey M. Karras
Mitra Kermani 3
Zaeem Kitsos 2
Michele R. Koch
Abby R. Korb 3
Ryan Krogsgaard 2
Shephard D. Kuranda
Junmo Kwon
Alaura E. Lemieux
Jessica L. Luhman
Kaylie R. Marks
Alexandra L. Molinski
Rachel G. Myers
Erik A. Osmonson
Danuka U. Palmer
Katelyn G. Peroutka
Briana Bartz Petersen
Maya M. Petersen
Paige V. Pierce
Connor D. Renshaw
Kyle D. Rutkowski
Samuel L. Shroyer
Mariah L. Stiemsma
Haley M. Stowell
Brice R. Swick 3
Emily J. Tetzlaff
DeShawn A. Thomas
Sierra Tireman 3
Uy Truong
Tyler J. VanDeVelde
Alexis R. Wenzel
Adam J. White
Johanna M. Wigand
Todd R. Willms
Zea M. Woods
Adam Wronski 3
Pamela J. Young
Carlee J. Zander
Zelina R. Zimmerman