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The Office of Constituent Engagement (OCE) is pleased to help communicate Ripon College-related events, programs, services and announcements to its alumni. 

We know based on our data that the more targeted the message, the better the open rate and the more interested our alumni are in the content. Yet, we also know that our alumni will “opt out” of receiving our messages if they receive too many emails from the College. 

OCE has a responsibility to manage the volume, relevance and appropriateness of e-communications to all alumni. This protocol has been developed to assist all campus/academic departments, athletics teams, clubs and organizations in communicating with their alumni to ensure a strategic alumni e-communication program.

All campus entities must submit an along with the message (including all text images and details) at least three (3) weeks in advance of desired send date. Emails will be reviewed for relevance and appropriateness and scheduled on a first come, first served basis based on our normally scheduled emails. This scheduling process allows the OCE to manage multiple emails at the same time.

OCE is responsible for managing all email inclusions and exclusions through the use of mailing lists. OCE is required to adhere to all subscriber email preferences/requests. OCE does not release alumni email addresses to campus or non-campus offices or organizations, based on privacy concerns. All alumni emails will be sent by OCE using your office name and email.

All replies will be sent to your email address. To ensure the integrity and accuracy of alumni records, please forward email updates/contact info to the Office of Constituent Engagement.

As a general rule, the OCE will not send multiple emails to the same person or group on the same day. The OCE avoids sending emails to a same or like audience more than three (3) times in one (1) week. The OCE will establish the final email date for sending messages, with consideration for regional time differences and other scheduled emails sent in close proximity.

The OCE reserves the right to move the send date of any emails based on the needs of the College and other unforeseen priority announcements. Please factor the timeline(s) of your message(s) accordingly.

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  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please send in a Google Doc or Word document with all links, headers, footers, photos, captions, etc.
  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
    Please send in a Google Doc or Word document with all links, headers, footers, photos, captions, etc.