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The Alumni Association Board of Directors represents alumni interests and initiatives to the College, students, and faculty/staff. These positions are nomination-based. Self-nominations are accepted. The Board meets twice per year on campus and consists of alumni, student and staff representatives.


Ripon College is our home, one we should constantly look after and whose cherished memories make us smile joyfully days, months, and even years later. Ripon College has a special place in our hearts, and the ongoing support of generations of alumni is what continues to make our beloved Alma Mater grow and thrive into the 21st century. Members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors are dedicated volunteers whose service is of great importance to the Office of Advancement and the College as a whole. The important work focused on building relationships and raising gifts to support Ripon’s educational missions is a cornerstone of the Alumni Board’s commitment to service.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Association is to cultivate a lifelong partnership between Ripon College and Ripon College alumni, to empower membership growth and to provide support and assistant to the College.

Ripon College Alumni Board in front of Lane Library

Executive Members

2023-2024 Members