1851 Awards Dinner & Program

2020 Honored Guests

Distinguished Alumni Citation: Ruth Anne Gero Adams ’85, James P. Danky ’70, Jon A. Fasanelli-Cawelti ’75 (posthumously), William C. Quistorf ’80

Outstanding Young Alumnae:Sarah M. Anderson ’10, Lucy A. Burgchardt ’10 

Athletic Hall of Fame: Abigail Williams Budzynski ’98, Todd W. Ciesielczyk ’87 (posthumously), Aaron B. Johnson ’03, Troy M. Youngbauer ’96 


2021 Honored Guests

Distinguished Alumni Citation: Brian L. Frey ’91, Lori Stich Obluda ’91, Kent E. Timm ’81

Outstanding Young Alumni:Jeffrey L. Grinde, Jr. ’16, Samuel B. Sondalle ’11 

Athletic Hall of Fame: Nicholas C. Beaman ’11, Scott R. Gillespie ‘11, Nathaniel J. Kok ’01

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#OneDayRally 2022

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