Retirement and Travel Update from Melanie Civin Kenion

It’s official. As of August 10, 2019 I’ve retired from the Medford Public Schools and will be starting at The Rashi School: A private Jewish day school.  I look forward to third graders, a safe environment, and new challenges.
Shown in the picture: Recently classmate Erika Doss ’78 and I did a 9 day women’s hike in Slovenia. We hiked in the Julian Alps, Velika Planina (alpine highlands), Lake Bled and Lake Boninj.  We hiked between 8-10 miles a day with a group of 12 women with a tour company called Adventures in Good Company. It was challenging and great to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. This was our third trip together….we  previously hiked the Inka Trail and traveled in Cambodia and Thailand. We’re  tossing around ideas for two years from now.