News Update from Scott Nyquist ’69 and Cynthia Sanborn Nyquist ’69

SCOTT NYQUIST ’69 and CYNTHIA SANBORN NYQUIST ’69 of Naples, FL: “As I write this, Cynthia and I are just back from a trip to Freiburg, Germany, to visit our daughter, son-in-law and 12-year old granddaughter. Remarkably, our flights to and from were no hassle and on-time (some even early). Normally, Freiburg has pleasant summer weather in August: 80s during the day, 60s overnight. But this year we had extremes. The first ten days were mid to high 90s. Only about 10% of the buildings in Germany are air conditioned. Then the next eight days were chilly (highs in the 60s) and rainy. But we had a fabulous time. Hadn’t been there since 2019. We celebrated my 76th birthday while there by dining at a Michelin star restaurant. Fabulous food! But the dinners at the beer gardens had great food also. Cynthia got to take our granddaughter, Emma, shopping. They also spent lots of time drawing and painting together, something they both love. Cyn and I enjoyed shopping at local markets, riding the tram around the city. (Freiburg has about 300,000 people.) Prior to leaving for Germany, the weather here in Naples was HOT. Many daily high temp records were broken this year. Hurricane Idalia hit while we were in Germany. Fortunately, Naples experienced only minor weather difficulties and there was no damage to our home.I did visit Ripon for Alumni Weekend 2023 and had a great time. I saw ART SCARLETT ’69, FRANK ANDERS ’69 and BOBBI SUESS ANDERS ’69, plus many friends who are alums from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Attended the memorial service for Seale Doss, and listened to former students and faculty (including Spud Hannaford and Doug Northrop) recalling their experiences with him. Walked the campus and went into every building. Saw the new football field being built. I think the week after Alumni Weekend, construction started on the new Franzen Science Center. Ventured up and down Watson Street and was amazed at how vibrant the downtown area is. Dined at the Fox & Crow restaurant, a new Ripon eatery that has great food. I still participate in a weekly Zoom call with seven other Beta Sigma Pi fraternity brothers. We talk about everything from politics, to sports, to kids and grandkids and a lot of discussion about Ripon. In October, the eight of us will meet for our annual four nights in Siesta Key, FL.”JOHN RICCIARDI ’69 of Raleigh, NC: “Debbie and I have a great year so far. We have managed to stay healthy and out of the doctor’s office! We had a great spring traveling in Switzerland and Italy. Spent two weeks in Lugano where our grandson goes to boarding school and then had the unique opportunity to travel on to Venice with our son and daughter without their spouses or grandkids. It was so much fun getting the original family band back together again! Summer here in Raleigh with the entire family and then off to Saudi Arabia to spend Christmas and New Year’s with our daughter. I hope to make the 55th Reunion next June.”TOM SCHARBACH ’69 of Madison, WI: I spent a day at Ripon last spring. I was asked to record an interview by EMMA SAGARTZ ’23, a drama student who planned to use the interview as the basis for a one-act play she was writing about the experiences of a closeted gay Ripon student in the 1960’s. Emma distilled several hours of the interview into a script, which I’ve read, but I didn’t see the play she wrote. The script was well done and I hope Emma got a good grade. I drove over in the morning, spent an hour wandering around campus, and then headed to the grill in Harwood Memorial Union, where I met Emma. The grill, which used to be tiny, is now large. The food isn’t as good now as I remember it being then, but then, I’m not young and constantly hungry any more. The campus itself has changed a lot, particularly in the area where Dawes Cottage used to be and I had to stop and think for a few seconds to get my direction sorted more than once. Merriman House is gone, and I spent a while sitting on the site, remembering the house and the friends I made during those years. Emma introduced me to several students (bright, energetic and, well, young), including a few who were LGBT.  As I talked with them, I realized both how different things are now, and how much the same, as well.  Emma took the time after our interview to show me things that are new on campus, including the Rodman Center, which is remarkable. I’ve stopped by the campus a few times over the years when I drove through Ripon for one reason or another, but it was good to spend a day meeting students, and I’m glad I did it.”