News Update from Nancy Oliver Leifheit ’69

NANCY OLIVER LEIFHEIT ’69 of Sycamore, IL submitted:

A Class Letter poem
It is with reluctance I search for the words, similar words to the past,
And know full well, this request won’t be the last.
I feel sure the Class of ‘69
Has spent the year pretty close to fine.
Searching for something new to impart
When Scott Nyquist emails and asks us to start
Thinking about what we did this past year.
Was there anything different, did we go far or stay near?
Are your hips, knees, and shoulders all old or some new?
Did your children or grandkids grow taller than you?
Looks like Farr Hall will be new and the football field, too,
But our memories of Chem Phys and Homecoming we still view
With our minds that are sharp, fully remembering it all,
Getting our credit cards ready when the new students call
To ask us to support our Alma Mater this year,
And we say, “Of course! While we were here,
We earned much more than just an education of knowledge
But gained friendships, camaraderie, and the value of college
Not to mention the era of freedom and exploring of the soul
The water tower, Greekers, the Spot and the Toilet Bowl.
So, Scott, until next year, this is my letter.
Perhaps next year with 2 new knees, I’ll think of something better!

(Dave Leifheit ’67 and Nancy Oliver Leifheit ’69 at their cabin in Northern Wisconsin)