News Update from Mark Bauer ’69

MARK BAUER ’69 of Pewaukee, WI: “Life is a series of days and weeks, punctuated here and there by super occurrences or drab non-occurrences. But life is generally good. I have a body-wide collection of orthopedic surgical scars, gray hair and variety of arthritic joints, but still love the light of day and the darkness of sleep without interference of a working profession (paid my dues). Still raising/growing those rascally pitcher plants that help keep the backyard bee population to the barest minimal. I have two grandsons, one a sophomore at Concordia in Mequon, one a sophomore in high school, and both are active in basketball in each school. My delight is watching them compete. They are both just over 6’4” and very skilled. My only granddaughter is a 4-year old New Yorker and struts like a teenager already. Yes, still studying German. It fascinates me. I do look forward to a 55th Reunion. The 50th was entertaining. Isn’t it something how we all change, not only proportions, height and health, but also philosophic outlook and attitudes. I still marvel at how the years have whisked by. I thought it would take much longer to get old. Not much else is really newsy. Fill in the blanks for me.”