News Update from Dave Lee ’69 and Sue Steger Lee ’69

DAVE LEE ’69 and SUE STEGER LEE ’69 of Appleton, WI: Sue and I are looking forward to Alumni Weekend 2024. Hard to believe that our class falls into the elders group, but if, like me, likely retaining at least some of the wild ass elements of our youth – who am I kidding? Sue and I are beginning to spot vision screen this year’s batch of school kids for our Lion’s Club – at the rate of 13,000 screenings per year, we expect to surpass 100,000 vision screenings by Fall 2024. Sue is a Lion’s zone chair and I am secretary of our past district governors group for Wisconsin. Also this year I am serving as the Lion’s state chair for childhood cancer, which is one of Lion’s five global focus areas – we have an initiative to get donations from all of the 600 Lion’s clubs in Wisconsin this September which is childhood cancer awareness month – those funds will be used to help families of need who are dealing with childhood cancer. Wishing all of our classmates the very best of health and happiness for the coming year and hoping to see a mega turnout of classmates for our 2024 Reunion.