Job Update from David Weaver ’62

My degree in philosophy prepared me for a career as a a worker priest: ordained in 1965, parish ministry 1965 to 1966. Associate Episcopal Chaplain at Northwestern University, 1966 to 1968, Sears Management training program 1969 while taking a Sunday Ministry position. Advanced in Sears to the position of Regional Personnel Director covering five states of Human Resource management including EEOC, Policy Administration and Labor Contract Administration while working as a Interim Ministry Specialist in three parishes while living in Minnesota. Returned to full time ministry in Minnesota as full time Interim Specialist. I was called from a my Interim assignment to a parish LaGrange, Illinois where I served as rhe full time Rector for twenty years. In my final six years I completed  Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastoral Theology followed by a Master’s in Counseling and Human Services.I passed my State Qualifying Exams 2004 and was hired as a full time therapists by Psych Associates of Hinsdale. I worked under the supervision of a Psychiatrist for six years and eventually began my own business in 2010 where i continue to practice as a counselor during the week and take on frequent in invitations to preach and preside in many Chicago and suburban parishes.