In Memory of Patricia Keeley Winter ’50

PATRICIA KEELEY WINTER ’50 of Downers Grove, Illinois, died Feb. 20, 2022. At Ripon, she majored in psychology and participated in Ver Adest and Alpha Delta Pi/Pi Tau Pi. She was a former co-publisher and business manager of Reporter/Progress Newspapers and Printers, publishers of numerous newspapers. She was active in several clubs and organizations, including the Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce, Downers Grove Women’s and Junior Woman’s clubs, AAUW, DuPage Easter Seals, Downers Grove Special Events Committee, Downers Grove Community grants Commission, and Good Samaritan Auxiliary. She enjoyed traveling and spending winter months in Marco Island, Florida. Survivors include two sons, including CRAIG R. WINTER ’76; and a nephew, ROBERT S. KEELEY ’79. Her husband, CHESTER JOHN “JACK” WINTER ’49, died in 2001.

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