Bumps in the night? Ghostly sightings? RC students past & present share scares

Does Ripon College have ghosts?

That’s difficult to confirm, noted Assistant Professor of Sociology Marc Eaton, who’s taught a course on “Sociology of the Paranormal.”

But over the years, stories have been told of such ghostly encounters.

“As far as my determination goes, I can’t say for certain whether it [the college] does or doesn’t; it certainly is rumored to have a lot of ghosts,” he said. “There’s a lot of folklore on campus about certain places being haunted and all that, but I can’t say for certain whether it is or is not a haunted location definitively.”

He added Ripon College is known for its connection with ghosts, pointing to an article several years ago listing Ripon College as the No. 2 most haunted college in the Midwest.

“I think it’s widely known among the students that there are stories, but I think that among paranormal enthusiasts, I guess you could call them, the college is pretty rumored to have ghosts,” Eaton said.

Read the full story, including many tales told by current and former students about ghostly experiences they had on the campus, in the Oct. 31, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.