2021 – Spring ’22 Class Letter

Happy Adulting, Class of 2021!

What a year it has been! It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since we graduated from Ripon College. It has been amazing to see all the great things that our Classmates have been doing and the difference we are making in the world.

We briefly want to say a massive THANK YOU to our incredible Class participation in monetary support of the College, including #OneDayRally 2021 and Senior Year participation. Here are some brief stats on our Class participation:

  • In total giving participation, our Class ranked 9th with 45% of the Class. We are the youngest by 43 years!!!
  • In total number of donors, our Class ranked 3rd with 72 donors; ranking 7th was the next youngest Class since the Class of 2003.
  • In the Ripon Fund participation, our Class ranked 10th with 43.75% participation of Classmates participating. Youngest Class by 44 years!!!
  • In the Ripon Fund number of donors, our Class ranked 2nd with 70 donors; Ranking 4th of all Class years!!!

Though we all probably got sick of hearing about giving from the Senior Class Gift Committee, these are some really great numbers that are definitely representative of the hard work and dedication put into things we care about!

To receive the best and most innovative College communications, please update your email address and/or postal address to [email protected] or go to alumni.ripon.edu/services/update-info/. Also remember, our “ripon.edu” accounts are terminated on May 16th so get your documents and presentations saved to your personal account!

Some important dates for all to mark on the calendar include #OneDayRally and Alumni Weekend! This year’s #OneDayRally falls on April 27th and we wanted to remind you to connect with the College and your Classmates and make your annual gift to Ripon. Additionally, after a couple of years of cancellations and hybrid events, Ripon College’s Alumni Weekend is back! Just as it’s been in the past, it will be held on campus the last weekend of June, the 23rd through the 26th. The Office of Constituent Engagement provides a weekend full of food, drink and events to walk down memory lane. Though that last part doesn’t necessarily apply to us already, Alumni Weekend is one of the biggest events that the College hosts.

Lastly, check out what some of our Classmates are up to:

ERIN BAILEY ’21 – After graduating, she moved to Washington, D.C., and started working at a government relations firm, Stateside Associates. She recently adopted a one-year-old cat named Winnie and is enjoying exploring the DMV.

CALLY HANSEN ’21 – Since graduating, she has moved to Madison, Wisconsin, and started working as a laboratory technician at Labcorp Drug Development. Outside of work, CALLY has gotten more acquainted with Madison and has visited Ripon a couple of times to visit her younger brother ETHAN HANSEN ’23. This summer, she’s planning on getting out on the lakes via paddle boarding.

KYLIE TOMASHEK ’21 of Plymouth, Wisconsin, is currently working with New Holstein Elementary School as a paraprofessional, and she will be transitioning to a fifth-grade teacher this fall.

ELLY KLAWITTER ’21 recently moved to Madison, Wisconsin, and is working at Esker Inc., a software company as a Customer Advocate helping our clients improve their business processes. Her goals for 2022 are to become fluent in Spanish (thanks DuoLingo) and really hone her craft of quoting Marvel on a daily basis. And with that, always remember: “kick names, take ass.”

CAMERON KLEIN ’21 of Clinton, Wisconsin, is currently working at Continental Plastic in Delavan, Wisconsin, as an Accounts Receivable Specialist and Accounting Assistant.

MACKENZIE WARNER ’21 of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, finally met fellow NASA interns in person for airborne flight data collection and celebrations, after the program she had been admitted to for the previous summer (NASA’s Student Airborne Research Program) was postponed due to COVID-19. Currently, she is working as a clinical lab specialist in a hospital lab.

RACHEL HICKS ’21 of Endeavor, Wisconsin, is currently teaching middle school English language arts and is recently engaged with LUKE DRESKE ’21.

EMILY ALLARD ’21 – Since graduating, she has moved to Aurora, Illinois, and started working at Walter E. Smithe as an interior designer. She says that she is thriving!

DOMINICA CIPRIANI ’21 of Oak Lawn, Illinois, moved back home to Chicago after graduation and is currently working part-time as a behavioral therapist and a waitress.

MADELINE KUHL ’21 of Madison, Wisconsin, is working as an IT Technical Recruiter. Her cat’s favorite toy is a wooden stick.

CAMRIE SCHMITZ ’21 of Kiel, Wisconsin, was accepted to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is working towards her Masters in Social Work with a Certificate in Applied Gerontology.

Thank you to all of the Classmates who sent in their life updates! We’ll be looking forward to touching base with you all again this fall. Until then, we wish you all the best!


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Your 2021 Class Agents