2018 – Spring ’22 Class Agents

Hey, Class of 2018,

It’s been a minute since you’ve heard from us, but we were so happy to receive your updates this time around. I don’t know about you, but we had the realization the other day that it has been four years since graduation. For most of us here, these four years have marked many significant milestones. Some of you have completed professional degrees and are now working in your dream fields. For others, you have started climbing in your career into new roles and responsibilities. You’ve gotten married. You’ve started families (pets included). You’ve moved to a new city, or maybe you’ve made a completely life-changing decision and are now starting down a new path. Wherever you are, don’t forget to take a moment and recognize how far you’ve come since crossing the stage at Harwood Memorial Union. They say life after college flies by, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop and take a minute to appreciate everything Ripon has given us. What part of your life do you owe to Ripon?

Many of you have already given back to the College through #OneDayRally or the Ripon Fund. Others have attended Alumni Weekend to reconnect with old friends. Whatever way you choose, don’t forget to stay connected and grateful for the unique experience we all got from our Alma Mater. We hope you all have a great 2022 and don’t forget we’re just one year closer to our five-year Reunion! Alumni Weekend this summer will be June 23-26, 2022.

Below are some updates from your fellow classmates:

EMMA ALLEN ’18 is working as a COVID-19 epidemiologist in New Haven, Connecticut.

JAKE BAUS ’18 of Merrill, Wisconsin, graduated from UW-Madison with a doctorate in physical therapy last May. He has been working full-time in Merrill, Wisconsin, as a physical therapist with Marshfield Clinic.

COLLEEN ELZINGA ’18 of Evergreen Park, Illinois, recently passed her veterinary licensing exam (NAVLE) and will be graduating with a doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) degree from the University of Illinois this May.

LAUREN HINCE ’18 still resides in Chicago where she works for Chicago Debates supporting debate-based programming for Chicago Public School students. She also has been helping to coach the UW-Madison ethics bowl team alongside fellow alumni, J.J. GRINDE ’16. She adopted a dog last year named Franklin.

ELLIOT HOERDEMANN ’18 moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to work as a distributor sales executive for Molson Coors Beverage Company.

KAT KULAS ’18 is working as an RN in Appleton while also attending Marian University to get her degree as a nurse practitioner.

EMMA MCDONALD ’18 of Ripon, Wisconsin, is working as an outpatient physical therapist at Ascension Mercy Hospital in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

WILLIAM PENTERMAN ’18 of Columbus, Wisconsin, was recently elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in a special election last July. He also re-enlisted in the United States Army Reserve in May of 2021. He and his wife ABBY HILKER PENTERMAN ’19 have enjoyed exploring new hobbies such as swimming across Devil’s Lake and gardening.

MERRANDA SCHMID ’18 of Ripon, Wisconsin, is an adjunct instructor of chemistry. At Ripon, she majored in chemistry with a minor in biology. This year, she graduated from Colorado State University with a master’s degree in chemistry with a concentration in material science. For two years at Colorado State, she was a chemistry teaching assistant there working with both chemistry and non-chemistry majors. She now is a laboratory technician with STgenetics. She is from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. She is the first in her family to receive a graduate-level degree and she has a Mexican heritage on her mother’s side.

EMILY STANCZAK ’18 of Indianapolis, Indiana, is celebrating passing her qualifying exam. She is now officially a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University.

KATELYN VAN SWOL ’18 of Sturtevant, Wisconsin, started a new position at Uline as assistant to the Vice President of consumer relations. She is also working on a master’s in communication from Arizona State University. She will graduate in December.

CARYSSA WAITE ’18 of Princeton, Wisconsin, is working as a universal banker for Fortifi Bank.

SOPHIE WIDMAN ’18 moved to Irvine, California where her husband JAMES BALESTERI ’19 is completing his master’s in theater.

See you soon!

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Your 2018 Class Agents