2017 – Spring ’20 Class Letter

2017 – Spring 2020

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Dear Class of 2017,

It seems every community has a central figure that transcends themselves to lift their community to a higher place. Ripon College recently lost such a figure. Julie Johnson, longtime athletic director, touched more than just the athletic program at Ripon College. During her years as an integral part of the Ripon community, she helped Ripon athletics strengthen its presence in the D3 community. In addition to this, she forged a path for Ripon College athletes to be student-athletes that excel on and off the court, which could be felt by those of us not involved in athletics. Julie’s hard work and passion for life and her community is something all of us felt at Ripon and something that lives on within all of us. We hope all of you can take inspiration from Julie and be passionate about improving the community you are part of and bettering those around you.

Class notes:

ALEXANDRIA “ALLY” WILBER ’17 of Bonduel, Wisconsin, recently had her work published in the nationwide edition, America’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction.

ANGELA PAMPERIN ’17 of Ripon, WI recently began a journey as a worship leader at Immanuel Methodist Church in Ripon. They will be starting a new contemporary service that she will help lead. She also launched a blog in early January “kind of telling my story in a way”. The blog is called “Heartbeat’s Echo.” “All fun stuff that is challenging me as a person to be who I am.”

HANNAH METZ ’17 of Naperville, IL will be a School Psychology Intern for the 2019-2020 school year in the Valley View District in Romeoville, IL. She is done with her graduate school classes in June 2019! Hannah and FRANK STELTER-HOGH ’16 got engaged and set the wedding date for June 13th, 2020!

DANAE TESCH ’17 bought a house in Covington, WA and is expecting a baby boy in April!

VERONICA DELISLE ’17 of Oshkosh, WI is engaged to PATRICK “PATCH” HOFFMAN ’18.

KONNER FELDHUS ’17 of Des Moines, IA is somehow surviving medical school and recently joined the Advisory Council for the Iowa Chapter of The American College of Physicians.

AMY FELS ’17 of Milwaukee, WI “I am in year two of three of my History and Library and Information Studies graduate program at UW-Milwaukee. I have a wonderfully fun and challenging job working as a research assistant for a digital humanities project called the Encyclopedia of Milwaukee. I’m looking forward to the summer because I’ll get to spend more time in Ripon completing a fieldwork experience in the College archives.”

BENJAMIN VORPAHL ’17 of Detroit, Michigan writes that he is attending dental school at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry.

HANNAH MACKENZIE GALLIMORE ’17 of Oshkosh, WI is wrapping up her second year as an Internal Auditor for Oshkosh Corporation. She also recently got married and held her wedding reception at Great Hall!

ALLISON MACKNICK ’17 of Chicago, IL works as a professional actress. She is currently on tour with The Jungle Book: the Musical with Alphabet Soup Productions. She and ANTHONY TAUSIG ’15 continue to find the best burger in the city and show off their dog, Tula.

SYDNEY RADANDT ’17 of Namibia, Africa has been working as a secondary math educator for the Peace Corps. She will be in Africa until 2020!

ZACH RINEHART ’17 of Grand Haven, MI is working at Grand Haven High school teaching children with autism in a self contained classroom. He is also the assistant varsity Coach in wrestling and football and is working towards his Special Education Certification.

EMMA BRONSON ’17 of Milwaukee, WI says, “killing it at work, moving to the Third Ward in April, and still enjoying beer.”

HANNAH DAVIDSON ’17 of Madison, WI recently moved to Madison and is now working as a baker and cake/pie decorator at Hubbard Avenue Diner in Middleton, WI. She is the proud new cat owner to Kit Kat! She is looking forward to taking culinary/hospitality classes at Madison Area Technical College!

NOELLE KORZENIEWSKI ’17 of St Paul, MN says she is “Graduating from Luther Seminary in May with a Master of Arts in Bible (literally I’ll be a master of the Bible, ha). I have been working on my two theses for my degree. One is called “Who Do You Say That I Am?” And it looks at how the character of Jesus is depicted in each of the gospels (I lectured on this in Dr. Brian Smith’s Christian Scripture class last spring) and the other is “Joseph and Judah: Two Brothers, Two Stories, One Faith” and it is about the Joseph narrative in Genesis as well as Judah’s narrative within it- looking at the themes of each brother’s transformative story in their own light. I’m actually moving back to Ripon in June! I can’t say yet what for but good things! Still working with dogs- my absolute passion. I have been a Team Lead and Dog Handler at Dog Days in St. Paul, MN for a year now and still aspire to open my own dog daycare/hotel business. That’s kinda it. I’m just really looking forward to being back in WI soon. Grace, our dog, and Marcus, my S/O, are just trying to get ourselves out of the snow we’re buried in here in MN.”

WINONA HOLMES ROBBINS ’17 of Valparaiso, IN recently moved back to the Midwest to embrace her new title as an aunt to a wonderful little boy. She is working at a fitness center and enjoying her life as a cat mom.

We wish you a wonderful summer and hope that you think of your happy memories from Ripon often.


Konner, Winona, and Erin