2016 – Fall ’20 Class Letter


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Hey, Class of 2016!

Even if our spring and summer didn’t go the way we all planned, we are one day at a time closer to the day we can all (safely) be with one another again. I can’t wait to see you at our combined Alumni Weekend. We are going to celebrate in the best way we know how – together!! Save the date for Saturday, June 26tht, 2021, when we can have fun with the classes of 2010, 2011, and 2015 during Alumni Weekend 2021.

This class letter might feel a little different from other ones, and that is okay! With everything going on, if you don’t have anything to share or don’t want to share something less than positive, please know that you have classmates that you can lean on. Not one of us is going through the exact same situation, but what we are going through, we are going through together. 

If there is one thing that we found in gathering updates for this letter, it is the importance of keeping those you love by your side. Please remember to check in on those you love, and spread positivity when you are able. You are all loved, radiant, and needed – and keep on rockin’ it!!

ALLISON LEAVER ’16 is currently a veterinarian in Chicago.

ALYSSA NYCZ ’16 is missing home in Wisconsin more and more these days, but she is getting by thanks to plenty of Facetime sessions and phone calls with KAMELLE VAN DER LEEST WATERS ’15, GRACE DYKSTRA ’16, JULIA MUTCHIE ’17, AMY FELS ’17, AND LIZ ABITZ ’17. In these quarantine times, she has been keeping busy with work at Connecticut Children’s. She has also perfected her ice cream eating abilities and occasionally wins at Bananagrams.

ELIZABETH KONIECZNY YAMAT ’16 is working from home for Acuity Insurance, where she’s been working as a Commercial Lines Underwriter. Her two dogs, Bear and Charlie, make great furry coworkers, alongside her other very distracting coworker- her son, Theo.

JENNY DELGADO ’16 is finishing her Master’s in nursing at Rush University.

JENNIFER KELLER ’16 is happily planted in southeastern Wisconsin, living in Mequon and coming up on her fourth anniversary working for the Village of Richfield. Earlier this year, she took a liking to long walks with Andy. Park trails, residential sidewalks, and strip malls are their most frequented settings. There is still no furry friend to take on puppy walks but she is working on that plan! Jen would like to wish all of her Ripon College classmates the best as we look forward to the conclusion of this unconventional year. Cheers to lifelong Ripon friendships that get us through the tough times!

JENNIFER NIGGEMEIER ’16 has a few new things going on in her world: 

  • So far, she is COVID-free,
  • She learned to crochet like an old lady,
  • She shared her world-famous spinach artichoke dip recipe at her twin nephew’s third birthday party (give her a holler if you want that Applebee’s dupe!)
  • She is still working as a Program Coordinator for a nonprofit before and after school programming.
  • She started her own island on Animal Crossing. It’s five stars, not to brag. Hit her up if you want to visit “Lala’s Island!!!”

KATLYN TROISI ’16 was recently promoted to Assistant Clinical Director at Advocates after two years of hard work with the organization. 

RAE BRIXIUS-FAHNRICH ’16 is slowly losing brain cells with every COVID-19 conspiracy theory she reads from C students who suddenly have the full grasp on science that they lacked during our time at Ripon. She hasn’t died from COVID-19 yet, but is hopeful that society will stay home and do their part to put public health above monetary gain so that we can return to normal. Until then, she will continue to telework and anxiously wait for Ripon College’s response to the racism displayed by current students.

SAM CANNING ’16 is happily working from home for Brookdale Senior Living with her dog, Teddy, as one of the best coworkers she could ever ask for.

SARA DRIEBEL ’16 is still working as a Human Resources Generalist and is so grateful for her supportive coworkers that make working through a pandemic less intense! She is bummed to not be able to teach the kiddos at the zoo, but knows the critters will still be there when everything is back to normal. Because she has weekends off while education programming is canceled, she has been taking time to learn new languages, hone in on rusty art skills, grow a small jungle in her home, bond with her amazing baby niece, and go birdwatching! 

FRANK STELTER-HOGH ’16 and HANNAH METZ ’17 married on July 24, 2020! 

SIDNEY BLODGETT DEMASTER ’16 and her husband, Aaron, had a daughter in May! Her name is Eliza and she is absolutely perfect. They love enjoying their summer days swimming at the lake and taking long walks with their puppy. Sidney got a job as a third-grade teacher in North Fond du Lac and is excited to start in August. Her husband, Aaron, is starting Centerpoint Church in September in Fond du Lac. You can check out their Facebook page, @CenterPointFDL, for more information!

ZACH MUENCH ’16 is currently an emergency medicine PA at Aurora Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee!

We wish you all the best as you navigate waters we have never needed to wade through before. 

We hope to see you all at Alumni Weekend!