2013 – Spring ’22 Class Agents

Dearest Class of 2013,

What a year 2020 2021… I mean, 2022 is already. It feels like just 84 years ago we were sitting outside of the quad in the spring air, at various garden parties; tea and crumpets in hand. Not a solo cup or plastic bottle in sight. While those beautiful, relatively carefree days are behind us, there are a lot of daily Ripon reminders.

Personally, I (LAUREN OTT ’13) am planning a wedding to KYLE GREENE ’15. We have been engaged for a little over a year and in that time I left my job, started a garden, KYLE started a new job, we got another puppy (Gus- he is perfect), I bought a truck, we’re building a chicken coop… a lot has been going on.

Similarly, a lot is going on at Ripon. As you likely know, our friend President Messitte left Ripon College and we have an Interim President, Andrea Young. Dr. Young is the first woman to lead Ripon College in its 170-year history. You can actually follow her on social: TwitterInstagram.

If all of this isn’t enough, our classmates are doing some cool things too:

EMILY ANDERSON ’13 of Hartland, Wisconsin, writes, “My dog just had a litter of five puppies: two girls and three boys. They’re all the most fantastic little land potatoes and getting chunkier by the day.”

HANNAH ANDERSON ’13 of Janesville, Wisconsin, started working at UW-Whitewater as an Academic Advisor within the College of Business and Economics in January of this year. She is also moving in with her boyfriend of two years, Brendan, in March.

LIZABETH BARANCZYK ’13 of Green Bay, Wisconsin, is one year into recovery from brain surgery. GO LIZABETH!!

ANDY ’12 and KATE AMELL FEHRENBACH ’13 of Minneapolis, Minnesota added a second dog to their mix. KATE writes, “We got Franklin, a miniature schnauzer/pug mix, this fall. He’s a loveable little munchkin who we are convinced is actually part cat and part goat (he loves to climb and perch on things).”

DAVID ’13 and BREANNA GRACZ FORSETH ’13 of Saint Louis, Missouri, are expecting a baby boy at the end of March! Their oldest (Caleb) and youngest (Noelle) are patiently awaiting his arrival.

EMILY MEYERS HAHN ’13 of Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, is due at the beginning of April with a baby boy!

EMILY KIJEK SCHWANDT ’13 of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, writes, “My sweet and perfect fur baby, Mia (pictured here), will be three years old this month!”

JOHANNA BURTON LANPHIER ’13 and husband, MICHAEL LANPHIER ’15, moved into a house in Lincoln, Nebraska, last summer. He won a trip through work to Japan next year! MICHAEL and JOHANNA also shared their career wisdom and scientific insight with Ripon College students through Zoom for the Biology Senior Seminar course, which took place in Bear Auditorium in early October. JOHANNA successfully hatched and hand-raised Lincoln Children’s Zoo’s first-ever Humboldt penguin chick!

TREVOR LYNN ’13 of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, completed the superintendent program through Edgewood College. He will be issued his principal and superintendent licenses in a few weeks.

PAUL MEUER ’13 of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, was lucky enough to go on a vacation this summer to the North Shore of Minnesota with his beau KATIE TREDINNICK ’16KATIE starts her second year of vet school in September.

SHAUNA PICHETTE ’13 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, started a new position as the Clinical Training Specialist at NOCD, a telehealth company specializing in OCD & related disorders.

STEPHANIE RHYNER ’13 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, writes, “Got married to my lovely wife Maria Remley and I am continuing to work at UW-EC, UWM and MIAD.”

MATTHEW ROHRBECK ’13 and DARCIE FIRST ’13 of Columbus, Wisconsin, were married in November 2021.

KASEN RUMPF ’13 and SARAH GUSTAFSON RUMPF ’10 of Brookfield, Wisconsin, welcomed their second child, Rollins, to the family in June 2021.

CASEY SIMONSON ’13 of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and his wife, Merisa, are having a baby girl! The due date is June 24, 2022.

AMANDA VIRTUE ’13 of Lake Mills, Wisconsin, sold her half-duplex and bought a different house. She is now closer to work and just down the street from EMILY MEYERS HAHN ’13. She shares that the best part of the house is the fenced-in backyard for her pup!

CHARLOTTE LEE WAHLE ’13 and her husband, Marty, of Marshall, Minnesota, are expecting their second child in mid-April!

KAITIE JO STUMBRIS ’13 and NICK WEISS ’13 of Mayville, Wisconsin, bought a new house out of quarantine. They are chasing their two girls around, River and Winter. KAITIE JO has been promoted to Regional Manager for Aspen Dental. NICK is now Nationally Board Certified for teaching. They report that their levels of alcohol intake have greatly increased since college, which is to be expected.

ZACH WIELAND ’13 of Appleton, Wisconsin paid all of his student loans off! He is a free elf!

As you continue on with your beautiful lives, consider making plans to attend Alumni Weekend: June 23-26, 2022. Next year is our TEN YEAR REUNION, so please block your entire June 2023 (June 22-25, 2023, officially). I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank those of you who have donated to Ripon over the last year, with the reminder that #OneDayRally is scheduled for Wednesday, April 27.

That’s all for me. I hope you are all warm, healthy, and content.

Stay cool,

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Your 2013 Class Agents