2013 – Spring ’19 Class Letter

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Charlotte Lee Wahle

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                                                            Lauren Ott

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Alexandra Peltier

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Spring 2019

Greetings from Minneapolis!

I am hoping that by the time this reaches you, the snow will have thawed here. However, if last year is any indication, that’s just wishful thinking.

With all this lovely subzero weather we have been having, I have found myself on social media more and more (looking at some of the cutest future Redhawks!). The memories section of my Facebook page has been chalk full- basketball games, spring break musings, comprehensive exams, counting down to graduation… things I don’t think about on a regular basis but am glad to be reminded of. One look at a photo of a “pub party” and I am suddenly transported to a time where the most stressful decision was which after party I would attend and at what point in the night would I end up at Millers.

When I am able to take a look back, the memories we made at Ripon and still being connected to you all keep me warm on these chilled days. It is lovely to celebrate homeownership, animal adoption, nuptials, babies and careers with you all. With that, here is my update: I am still living in Downtown Minneapolis (king sized guest bed FYI) with KYLE GREENE ’15 and our perfect dog, Theo. I recently accepted a position I have been working toward for what feels like my whole life- Program Director of YMCA Camp Icaghowan in Amery Wisconsin. I will be spending the next couple of years splitting my time between downtown and a beautiful island on Lake Wapogasset.

As always, it is lovely to hear from you all. Let’s continue to lift each other up while posting cute photos.

Lauren Ott

CHARLOTTE LEE WAHLE ’13 “My son Reece was born on January 10.  Turns out, sleep deprivation as an adult is MUCH harder than it was in College.”

AMY DOEFER ’13 has a new baby kitten named Banjo and she is the cutest thing in New Glarus.

BLAIR REITZNER ’13 is getting married in July!

EMILY KIJEK ’13 is getting married on May 25, 2019 at Ripon College to Zac Schwandt.

KAITIE JO STUMBRIS WEISS ’13 and NICK WEISS ’13 are extremely busy between chasing River Jo around who is almost 2 years old now and their full time job. “I became a Legionnaire Trainer through a company called 1st Phorm and do online personal training on the side. Nick is still coaching football and became head of the science dept at Sussex Hamilton. We also decided, for some reason, to train for a half marathon that will be taking place in April. So any free time we have, we can normally be found running/dying on a treadmill some place.”

ELIZABETH BROWN ’13 “I wrote a book, published some articles, and made Associate Professor. 2018 was a good year.”

ZACHARY WIELAND ’13 “My wife and I decided to play a little game of roulette. We planned a much needed camping trip at the end of July / beginning of August 2019. Then 3 months after booking said camping trip we found out we are expecting baby #2 the week after the camping trip. Should we place bets on whether we make the camping trip or not?”

ANDREA SLOSSER WORTH ’13 got married this past summer (June 23, 2018). I also graduated with my M.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Wyoming this December.

ABBY MILBRATH DEBBINK ’13 Had her little guy, Miles in June.

AMY BROWENDER ’13 “In May I said goodbye to my Minneapolis apartment and bought a little house in Saint Paul. I started a three-year term on the Board of Directors at the Hennepin History Museum in June, serve as Chair of the Development Committee, and help out as friendly bartender at exhibition openings.”

RACHEL STAEDT ’13 “In November I was promoted to Project Specialist with the National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College. I work primarily on our grant from the Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, which provides training and technical assistance to Native American tribes across the country to develop and sustain victim service programs.”

TREVOR WARREN ’13 “I am teaching social studies (government and world history) and coaching volleyball at Adrian High School in Adrian, MO. I also finished my time in the Air Force back in December.”

MEGHAN RAEBEL ’13 “Michael and I moved to Appleton, and the kittens are now (mostly) fully grown and have a great fondness for forbidden strings.”

LINDSEY MAE WHITE ’13 “I am now a fully licensed counselor working for the State of Wisconsin helping people with disabilities find employment.”

ERIC SACKETT ’13 Still paying student loans, but should be done by the time my AARP card shows up in the mail.

SHAUNA BETH PICHETTE ’13 “Dan Miles and I are living in Bayview with our dog, Penny and loving it. I started a new position at Rogers Behavioral Health as a primary therapist in the Child and Adolescent residential center for OCD and anxiety.”

DAN MILES ’13 “Shauna Beth and I am working for a company called Right At School as a Program Manager at Eisenhower Elementary in Wauwatosa!”

DAVID FORSETH ’13 and BREANNA GRACZ FORSETH ’13 are expecting their second child, Noelle AnnMarie, any day now!”

BREANA BUTT FELLINGER ’13 Is a resident physician in family medicine in Appleton and she and her husband had their first little one in October!

WALESKA HERNANDEZ RUSS ’13 is still working as a High School Spanish teacher and I had her son in February!