2013–Spring ’18 Class Letter

Travis Bitters [email protected]

Charlotte Lee Wahle [email protected]

Lauren Ott [email protected]

Alexandra Peltier [email protected]

Spring 2018

Hello class of 2013. We graduated five years ago in May.

Does anyone else feel old? After reading your updates with all of your exciting accomplishments and life events, I certainly do. If you told me when we graduated that today I would be living in Downtown Minneapolis with KYLE GREENE ’15 (still open for visitors BTW), in my third year full time at the YMCA, and that I would have adopted the cutest dog ever (who you can follow on Instagram @theofoxdog), I would not have believed it.

It always feels overwhelming to look back to our time at Ripon, and compare it to where we are now. How in retrospect, things that were daunting or stressful then are barely remembered now. Now, all I can remember are the nights up late either studying or “studying,” Derby Days in the quad, excursions to the prairie….the best times.

This time, the overwhelming feelings are excitement to relive these memories this summer at our five-year reunion! Alumni Weekend (June 21-24) has a packed agenda, including lawn games in the quad for just our class. The whole weekend of activities is up online at www.ripon.edu/alumni-weekend and you can even stay on campus if you want to.

Anyway, thank you all for continuing to put up with our pestering. We like hearing where you are and what you’re up to. And Ripon does too! See our class news notes below. Hope to see you in June!


Spring 2018

News from classmates:

SARAH MOEHRKE ’13 of Lake Forest Park, Washington, traveled to 12 states in 2017, including a road trip across the Southwest and the Midwest, but her favorite place to go is Los Angeles, which she visited eight times in 2017.

CHARLOTTE LEE WAHLE ’13 of Conway, Arkansas, married Marty Wahle in Kansas on July 29, 2017.

LISA AGUILAR ’13 of Bismarck, North Dakota, writes, “I’m currently completing my dissertation research in North Dakota and in June I’ll start my terminal doctoral internship in Alaska for the 2018-2019 school year.”

AMANDA VIRTUE ’13 of Lake Mills, Wisconsin, bought a house!

ANDY ’13 and KATE AMELL FEHRENBACH ’13 of Minneapolis, Minnesota, welcomed their third child (first girl!), Emma Louise Fehrenbach on November 20. The family is also in the process of purchasing their first house!

STEPHANIE WILL ’13 of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, adopted an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier named Sophie last July. She is also still the school psychologist in Wild Rose.

WALESKA RUSS ’13 of Shawano, Wisconsin, is a high school Spanish teacher in Shawano and just had a baby boy.

ZACHARY WIELAND ’13 of Green Bay, Wisconsin and his wife had their son on January 2nd. He saved up enough vacation to take 4 weeks off from work when she returns to work from maternity leave.

TINA MOONEY ’13 of Chicago, Illinois, is just waiting for the day that she wakes up and is magically Chrissy Teigen. (Lauren thinks it will happen soon).

ELLIE HEDBERG ’13 of Minneapolis, Minnesota recently started a new position as a Nursing Station Technician at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, and has applied to a few nursing programs.

MEGHAN RAEBEL ’13 of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, graduated, got a real job, and was recently blessed with the arrival of two beautiful kittens!

TOM ALBRECHT ’13 of Holmen, Wisconsin, went to the dentist for the first time in 10 years. Had 11 filings done.

KEELIN MEESE PETROUSKI ’13 of Columbus, Wisconsin, just had a baby girl in January!

TREVOR LYNN ’13 of Warrensburg, Missouri, left active duty Air Force in December, then joined the AIr National Guard. He is also currently student teaching at Knob Noster High School in Missouri and will be graduating with my MAT from the University of Central Missouri in May.


Spring 2018

KATIE WILLIAMS ’13 of Reedsburg, Wisconsin, is working towards a Master’s degree in Education with the University of Saint Mary’s in Minnesota while teaching 5th grade in Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

CHRIS CHASE ‘13 recently accepted a new position as a management consultant with Brooks International.

BREANA BUTT FELLINGER ’13 got married in October and graduating medical school this spring.