2013 – Fall ’20 Class Letter


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Dear Class of 2013,

What a year this has been.

I struggle to follow up that sentence with something witty that doesn’t involve the words, “unprecedented times”, “I hope you are staying safe and healthy”, or “Living the dream in quarantine” so I will just move on.

Ripon students are going back to campus and classes resume on Monday, August 17th. The staff at Ripon has done so much to prepare for this. I think about how we went about our daily lives living on campus and how much this will change for returning and incoming students. If you are curious, check out the Reunite Ripon, return to in-person learning document here: https://www.ripon.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/reunite_ripon_return_doc.pdf

Now, let’s get down to the fun stuff… and the reason you all (honestly) check out this letter. Updates on classmates’ lives! Thank you for the wonderful amount of responses this time around. I really think the GIF of Joey on our Facebook page is the key. I will try my best to find other good ones moving forward! You might notice a slight Ripon Bike theme. Get ready, we might ask you what “Ripon Icon” you still have in your home today next time around!

For me, it has been a whirlwind of a year. I made a crazy decision to leave Madison for Des Moines, IA, where I am now a National Media Executive for Meredith Corporation. We bought a house and were engaged in June of this year. Jonathan and I will be getting married in September of 2022. Still working from home and convincing myself I travel too much (when things become semi-normal again…) to get a puppy.

Class notes:

SARAH MOEHRKE ’13 writes, “I am currently serving with the Resource Assistance for Rural Environments Americorp Program with the City of Florence, Oregon, on the beautiful Oregon Coast.”

LISA AGUILAR ’13 writes, “I am starting a faculty position at Indiana University on August 1st as a tenure-track assistant professor in the school psychology program and I just got engaged on August 24th in a hot air balloon!”

MATT ROHRBECK ’13 writes, “In April, I was elected to my fourth term on the Columbia County Board of Supervisors. During this term, I chair three committees (Finance; Ad Hoc Ordinance Review and Recodification; and Revolving Loan/Housing), and I am the vice-chair on the Human Resources committee. After serving in my hometown of Portage since 2014, I am representing my new community in the city of Columbus where I own a house and working to fix it up with DARCIE FIRST ’13.”

DARCIE FIRST ’13 writes, “This summer, I have worked at the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for four years in their audit bureau, and I accepted a new position as an auditor. Additionally, I completed my accounting degree in July, and I am looking forward to having more time to do things.”

KATIE JO STUMBRIS WEISS ’13 writes for both herself and husband NICK WEISS ’13 “We had our second daughter on April 5. I’ve been busy with work and managing two dental offices while Nick is stuck at home with both girls preparing for the new school year and all the new COVID-19 precautions. During quarantine we focused on house renovations, I’ve picked up baking, and we’ve watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse incessantly!”

BRIANA DRAEGER BOSQUEZ ’13 and husband KYLE BOSQUEZ ’13 welcomed their beautiful daughter Rylee on April 24, 2020!

AMY DOEFER ’13 still has her Ripon Bike!

NICOLE SCHMIDT ’13 also still has her Ripon bike!

AMY REULING ’13 does too!

CHARLOTTE LEE WAHLE ’13 writes, “Just before Governor Walz’s stay at home order we bought our first house. But more importantly…in the process of packing and unpacking I found out I still have my Pub Crawl mug! I think I’ll start negotiations with Ripon that anyone with their mug at our ten-year reunion gets to drink for free. This gives you three years to find yours if you want to join me, folks!”

  1. SARAH CARBALLO ’13 writes, “I am FINALLY starting my last year of ophthalmology residency and applying for cornea and refractive surgery fellowships because I just love writing personal statements and being a slave to eyeballs without making any real money. But the Ripon College Class of 2013 can definitely hit me up for their LASIK needs and I’ll be sure to pass out my business cards at our 50-year reunion when we’ll start needing our cataracts addressed!”

EMILY KIJEK-SCHWANDT ’13 writes, “I am still working at the Cudahy Middle School but will be teaching 7th grade English instead of 8th! It will be my 5th year working for this school. We are also starting in-person school 4 days a week in September. Wish me luck!”

KAYLN FREEMAN ’13 is engaged and recently purchased a home in Beaufort, S.C. She will be married next April (COVID willing!) and is in her fourth year of teaching second grade in Hardeeville, S.C.

CHRISTINA MOONEY ’13 writes, “Still single, and looking for a sugar daddy”

TREVOR LYNN ’13 writes, “I finally moved back to Wisconsin after living in Missouri for the past six years. I’m living in Wisconsin Rapids now, working at Nekoosa High School, and starting my doctorate at Edgewood College this fall.”

ANDREA SLOSSER WORTH ’13 writes, “I just got back from my first day of predoctoral internship at the Minneapolis VA. On a related note, Mark and I relocated to Minneapolis this summer! On a less related note, we have been working hard on teaching Lilly (our dog) how to kayak.”

LAUREN OTT ’13 recently purchased a beautiful home with boyfriend KYLE GREENE ’15. Their dog Theo now has plenty of room to run and is already making friends! Lauren also writes, “We are STILL open for visitors!”

Stay safe and stay well, classmates!