2013 Fall ’23 Class Letter

Hey Class of 2013!

It’s been a decade since we left the cocoon of Ripon’s rolling hills, fields and lack of air conditioning.

In things that matter to you: it’s been just over two months since many of us gathered at Ripon to celebrate the occasion. Below is a photo of those who gathered.

We would love to have you with us next time! Alumni Weekend 2024 is set for June 20-23, so please mark your calendars and save the date!

In the last year, I (LAUREN OTT GREENE ’13) have changed jobs (still at Macalester), started a business plan, learned more about plants and watersheds than a communication major ought, and last November married KYLE GREENE ’15 on our tenth anniversary of our first ADPi formal.

Something you may not know about me is that I am a third-generation legacy at Ripon. In this photo on my left is my dad, BOB OTT ’84. I feel extremely lucky to call all these people my family, and to share my chosen family with my given family. (Although, my dad would tell you that they for sure out partied us in the 80s….)

Something I am excited to share is a photo from my wedding to Kyle, last fall. Not only am I thankful for Ripon and the time I had, but for all of these beautiful people (plus more) who are foundational in my life.

Anyways, be well and stay in touch! If you’re in the Twin Cities, hit me up. I would love to walk, hike, bike, paddle, whatever with you.

Without further waxing from me, here is what our class is up to this fall:


KAYLYN MACKIN ’13 and her husband welcomed their first child in June. He is adorable and is so sweet!

BRIANA DRAEGER BOSQUEZ ’13 & KYLE BOSQUEZ ’13 are expecting their second child in October.

EMILY ANDERSON ’13 started a new job in June. She is a marketing strategist for Hausmann Group insurance. Emily is in the process of moving to Pewaukee, WI with her partner. “I’ll be glad when the move is over.”

AMY DOEFER ’13 & ANDY SCHULZ ’06 bought a house in New Glarus!

CHRISTINA MOONEY ’13: “ROBERTA MARTIN ’12 is coming to stay with me for a full week. 🙂 My house isn’t clean but the best thing about a friend is that I don’t think she will care. FYI if you are in Milwaukee and you want to see her let me know!!”

MAYNA MUENCHOW ’13 started a new job in June with Surgical Innovation Specialists/ Integra LifeSciences as a Senior Quality Assurance Manager in Chicago. Her team invented, developed, and now manufactures a resorbable surgical mesh made of polydioxanone.

CHARLOTTE LEE WHALE ’13: “Spending the weekend in Ripon for our Reunion was genuinely one of my favorite trips from this summer! So good to see everyone and Ripon has so many new stores and restaurants. These college kids are spoiled!”

SAM POULLETTE ’13: “After a decade in college admissions and enrollment management, I have turned to the dark side. I am with 3 Enrollment Marketing now as Associate Director, Specialized Recruitment Strategies.”

HANNAH ANDERSON ’13 is working at UWW as an Academic Advisor within the College of Business and Economics. She got engaged to her fiancé, Brendan, in April of this year! They are getting married in May 2024.

JACQUI MICHALAK MADDEN ’13 is currently at the Clement J Zablocki VA Medical Center in Milwaukee in the pathology department. She and her husband, Patrick, celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary this year and have three kids (two boys and one girl). They are enjoying country living with their two dogs and many chickens – looking into the possibility of goats soon… stay tuned!

ANDREA WORTH ’13 received her psychology license from the state of Minnesota and she has been supervising a psychology intern in addition to her clinical practice. “I also successfully took my dog (Lilly) paddle boarding on one of the many, many lakes here in Minnesota.”

KATIE WILLIAMS ’13 married TIM HOLME ’14 on August 12, 2023. They were honored with so many Ripon alumni guests.

Lauren ’13
Charlotte ’13