2012-Spring ’19 Class Letter

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Spring 2019

Greetings, Class of 2012!


We hope you are all doing well! Based on the updates we received, it sounds like many of you are up to all kinds of fun things and fulfilling jobs. We always love reading your comments! Like these updates, it seems that our lovely Alma Mater has many updates and happenings going on, including important discussions on student mental health, politics, snow days (?!) and numerous exciting stories of graduates! Be sure to check out ripon.edu/news to see what else is new.


Here is what you shared with us:


SHARON KLAPPERICH DOLL ’12 of Oconto, Wisconsin is doing her second year of long-term subbing at Preble High School in Green Bay, and is now the Youth Leader at her church.


AMY SONIER FOELSKE ’12 of Green Lake, Wisconsin, is teaching at Sabish Middle School in the Fond du Lac school district. She gave birth to her first child (photo below), Leah Marie Foelske, on December 18, 2018 who was born premature at 35.5 weeks, weighing 5 lbs 15 oz. and was 18 inches. They are all doing very well!


STACEY HAMILTON ’12 of Groton, New York, writes, “In February, I started my new position as a Financial Aid Associate at Cornell University. My husband and I also just moved into a home we purchased in Groton, New York with our two rescue pups.”


MARY “KATE” HAMM ’12 of West Allis, Wisconsin got engaged and will be married 8/21/2020. She just started a new job as a business systems analyst with Bostik Inc.


KURTIS HARDY ’12 of Minneapolis, Minnesota was promoted to Manager of Project Management at Ackmann & Dickenson, specializing in website and mobile application development.


ANDREA ZAK KAMIN ’12 of Ripon, Wisconsin got married to Brian Kamin in October 2018. She also has a new role at Princeton Public School, where she teaches a little and is now the athletic director for the middle and high schools.


JESSICA BRUNGARDT LARSON ’12 of Peyton, Colorado and her husband will be welcoming their first child in August. They already have three spoiled fur babies running around the house. She still works at the County Attorney’s office in Colorado Springs doing child advocacy and delinquency cases. She loves her job and hopes it’s making a difference in at least one child’s life.


MATT MAGINNIS ’12 of Polo, Illinois says, “Since graduation I have done my fair share of odd jobs, starting as a substitute teacher then working as a manager of the local Culvers. After getting married and my first child I found a position with a local manufacturing facility. I am proud to say I just had my five-year anniversary with E.D. Etnyre Co where I work as a product Engineer. While working full time I have also started my own business as a wedding DJ. Perhaps the most exciting news is that my wife and I will be expecting our fourth child later this year!”


KRISTIN MERKER ’12 of Chicago, Illinois started a new teaching position in Glenview District 34 and will be getting married to Matthew Greenberg in April.


MEGAN MCGEE NORRIS ’12 of Kenosha, Wisconsin had a baby with Adam Norris 10/8/18. Colton is now 4 months old (photo below) and our little munchkin; his dog brothers and sister love him so much. She is still running her own law practice in Kenosha, and is still on the board of STEPHANIE JENISCH RHEINGRUBER’S ’12 animal rescue, Wish Upon A Rescue.


GISELA ORTEGA ’12 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin got married to Zach Vornholt ’12 in July of 2018 after 7 years together. She is currently at the City of Milwaukee Department of City Development working on addressing housing issues and getting to help shape future development. Zack has been working at G-Strategies for the past 5 years doing political and nonprofit consulting nationwide. They love living in Milwaukee and giving back to their City!


MATT SEITZ-PAQUETTE ’12 of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the quality assurance supervisor at Fagron, a world-leader in compounding, which creates custom medicine. He married Kevin Seitz-Paquette on September 2, 2017 in St. Paul, Minnesota. They now live in Minneapolis with their dog, Angel.


BRANDON TAYLOR ’12 from Arlee, Montana recently moved to San Francisco, a block from the beach and Golden Gate Park. He will be celebrating his six-year anniversary with Accenture in June 2019.


Thank you to all the people who sent us their life updates on Facebook or via email! Feel free to contact the college (or us) throughout the year and we will be sure to include them in our class updates.





Brandon, Erin and Katlyn