2012 – Fall ’19 Class Letter

Katlyn Lee Schumacher

608-558-9073 / [email protected]

Erin Schaick

603-513-9965 / [email protected]

Brandon Taylor

406-274-4708 / [email protected]


Hello again, Class of 2012! Thank you to everyone who submitted news notes for our fall letter. It is always nice to see what classmates are up to these days.

Be sure to check out R Connections (http://www.ripon.edu/rconnections) – this is a great place to submit your story (news notes, obits, alumni sightings and class letters), check out your class page, view classmate news notes, photos and more.  

KATHARINE SHADLE GAILS ’12 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and her husband, Ryan, got a golden doodle puppy!

CEZAR MUNOZ ’12 of Charlotte, North Carolina, is an OLI facilitator with OCHIN Inc.

ERIC SCHUMACHER ’12 of Delafield, Wisconsin, and his wife, Sarah, welcomed their first child, Jack, in May.

BRANDON TAYLOR ’12 of Arlee, Montana, spent last Christmas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is now a technology consulting manager with Accenture.

SARA VANSTEENBERGEN ’12 of Pullman, Washington, is the new director of student activities and orientation at Ripon College.

Thank you to everyone who shared these updates! Feel free to send those to us via email or our Facebook group anytime. Hope everyone has a great year!