2010 Fall ’23 Class Letter

Dear Class of 2010,

Once again fall is here, and I am missing campus quite fiercely. I’d like to start this note with a special thanks to NICK BAKER ’10, who has decided to step down as Class Agent following four years of service. NICK – thank you for all you have done as Class Agent.

I’m headed back to campus twice this autumn, once for the Alumni Board meetings and once to see the brand new Hopp Stadium for a men’s soccer game. I’m looking forward to seeing the renovation progress that has been made on the Franzen Science Center, which is slated for completion around December 2024.

While there are many changes taking place on campus, Ripon College is still committed to academic excellence; next summer the first exercise science master’s degree cohort will begin their studies. Additionally, the college’s new engineering program will begin alongside the opening of the Franzen Science Center.

There is so much happening at our alma mater that we can all be proud of. Hope you have a chance to make it back to campus soon to see these changes for yourself!


Ripon College to Offer Master’s Degree in Exercise Science
Ripon College will launch its first master’s degree program in exercise science in the summer of 2024. The Masters curriculum will be a 15-month program. The new program will offer three areas of specialization: Physiology, Sports Management, Sports Psychology. A 4+1 program will allow Ripon College undergraduate students to begin taking the graduate-level courses in their senior year and complete the master’s degree in just one additional year after receiving their bachelor’s degree.
To learn more about the Master’s Degree, click here.

Ripon College to Offer Engineering Program
Ripon College is launching its first engineering program to coincide with the opening of the new Franzen Science Center in 2024. John Sisko, Ripon College Vice President and Dean of Faculty, stated “We are making curricular expansions to meet the educational needs of current and future STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) students. The physical needs of the engineering program as well as state-of-the-art facilities for all of our science programs were integral considerations throughout the entire design process for the new science center.”

As part of the engineering program, the College also is establishing an Engineering Advisory Board, comprising regional industry partners. This advisory board will help optimize Ripon’s engineering program to best suit the technical needs of the region, offer internships and co-op programs to students and ultimately help create a path to employment for graduates.
You can learn more about the Engineering program here.


TOMISSSA PORATH FREISLEBEN ’10 and DAVE FREISLEBEN ’07 welcomed their son, Charlie, this spring. They are trying to get some sleep in between chasing Henry and Charlie around their house.

LINDSAY KUEHL LAMB ’10 and her kids are welcoming her boyfriend, Christian, and his son to McFarland, WI. Christian will be working as master IT for UW Hospitals and Clinics and his son, Noah, is starting high school.

ANDY WELLS-BEAN ’10 is serving as the Executive Director of Audubon of the Western Everglades.

Tomissa ‘10