2009–Spring ’18 Class Letter

Class Agents:

Angela Olivas Peña, [email protected]

Emily Meyer, [email protected]

Spring 2018

Dear Class of 2009,

I hope, as always, that this letter finds you all well. I’ll be brief since I have a tiny human to go catch before he gets into a kitchen cabinet or eats the dog food. Jett James is now 10 months old and loving life. He enjoys bath time, the outdoors, his dog Ollie, and eating everything. I enjoy his laughs and chubby cheeks. He sure has taught me some perspective about life- including not taking myself too seriously and enjoying each moment. I hope that life after Ripon has given you all of that too.

This spring, please enjoy this letter and any available updates and news via email and Facebook. You can look out for the magazine and more news and updates again in the fall. Message me, Emily or the College anytime. Thank you all for taking time to read and reconnect. Happy spring!



Angela Peña