2006 – Spring ’19 Class Letter

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Ed Hansen
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Andrew Kitslaar
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Spring 2019

Greetings Friends!

By the time you receive this letter, hopefully the snow is melting in Ripon or at a minimum, for those of us who live in Wisconsin, are not facing negative degree temperature highs or lows for the foreseeable future.

Since we last wrote, a lot has happened on campus and in our lives. Ripon’s new curriculum, called Catalyst, continues to receive accolades and grant funding to change the way Ripon’s students learn and implement their education. A variety of speakers and events continue to flow through campus: poets, sustainability and health panels and even hosting a congressional debate this past fall. Events and classes did stop, however, in January when the College closed for a few days due to the weather and cold temperatures. We cannot remember if there was ever a school closure during our time on campus, can you? Well, maybe the one time a squirrel chewed threw the transformer and canceled evening classes, but other than that?

It’s easy to stay informed, and we hope you are following along with Ripon’s story through their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. Of course, there is the good old ripon.edu as well. You can also see what Ripon’s up to this summer at this year’s Alumni Weekend June 27-30 (it’s not our reunion yet).

While there are things happening on Ripon’s campus, we know there are activities or accomplishments in your life that you’d like to share. We only have a few updates this spring, so enjoy them, but please reach out and let us know what’s going on in your life.

RACHEL FISCHER ’06 has been named dean of students at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family. “I’m looking forward to expanding opportunities for students to grow and be involved,” said Dr. Fischer. “Silver Lake College continues to be an environment that encourages students to learn and develop, in and out of the classroom.” She joined the college in July 2009 as director of residence life and student activities. She was promoted to registrar in 2012 and assistant dean of student development in 2016. Dr. Fischer earned her Doctor of Education in educational leadership from Edgewood College in Madison and her Master of Arts in communication from the University of Dubuque in Iowa.

NATHAN POLUM ’06 of Houston, Texas, writes, “Started a new job as Regulatory and Transactional Counsel at AIG in Houston, Texas.”

KELLY SOLBERG WILHELME ’06 shared with us, “My husband and I had a kid in June, her name is Hattie. I took a new role at work this fall — marketing manager at Weidert Group, an inbound marketing agency in Appleton.”

NICOLE KAPLAN SHOLES ’06 wanted this added to our van segment, “I crashed my coworker’s van in the parking garage at work at 5 mph.” Our collective van saga continues…

Thanks of the updates and all of your support for Ripon. Enjoy your summer!

Ed, Andy and Nicole