2006–Spring ’18 Class Letter

Class Agents:

Nicole Klaas Hands
[email protected]

Ed Hansen
[email protected]

Andrew Kitslaar
[email protected]


Spring 2018

Hello, Red Hawk alumni of 2006!


If all has gone according to plan, you are reading this letter on your computer, tablet, or phone. That’s right. We’ve (finally) gone digital! Between social media, emails, and text messages, keeping in touch after college has never been easier, but, of course, that doesn’t mean we’re always good at remembering to do it. There is an exciting event coming up, however, that is a great opportunity to use this technology to help our alma mater.


Keep an eye on your social media platforms between 5:09am and midnight (1851 minutes) on Wednesday, April 25, as Ripon College is planning a very special #OneDayRally! Various events and social media promotions are planned throughout the day to get everyone excited to #rally together to show support for our Red Hawks. The college has a goal of reaching 425 donors (on 4/25), and it would be great if the Class of 2006 can #rally together to help make this effort a successful one. Even if you have already donated this year though, you can still help the cause! Ripon is recruiting “Social Media Ambassadors” to help spread the word, so if you’re interested, please contact one of us so that we can help you get involved.


Even after April 25, we hope everyone will continue to stay connected by letting us know what’s going on in your lives, and, if you’re tiring of socializing electronically, maybe we’ll even see you (in person) at Alumni Weekend, June 21-24! In the meantime, here are our class updates:


Class Notes:


JULIAN BECKER ’06 is now a Senior Crown Prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service in London.


MICHELE BERGMAN ’06 of Madison, Wisconsin, married Max Lamberg in November, and they started volunteering for Doobert as rescue animal transporters.


JILLIAN BURRIS BLAZIEWSKE ’06 of Zion, Illinois, got promoted to Project Manager for Orren Pickell Building Group…and she got married on New Year’s Eve!


HAYLEY DOYLE ’06 of Minneapolis, Minnesota, bought a new house and is working as a senior PM at StoneArch.


ERIC and KRISTA CAGE GALLAGHER ’06 live in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and their children are in 4K and 1st grade. Their children are learning a lot, including how to read and how to talk back!


EVELYN BRUNT GREGORY ’06 and her husband are expecting their first child in March (it might have already happened!)


GUY MCHENDRY ’06 of Omaha, Nebraska, co-authored a new book, Tracing Rhetoric and Material Life – An Ecological Approach.


BECCA NOWAK ’06 of Omro, Wisconsin, is getting married to Joseph Enders on September 22nd. He is a Superintendent Millwright for CR Meyer (headquartered in Oshkosh).


NATHAN POLUM ’06 of Chicago, Illinois, is Senior Counsel, Servicing and Underwriting at Oasis Financial. Oasis Financial is the largest national provider of consumer pre-settlement legal funding. Oasis Financial recently acquired Key Health, a leading personal injury medical lien funder.


MICHELLE CALDER REPPERT ’06 of Appleton, Wisconsin, not to be outdone by Tim’s sweet minivan, bought a GMC Terrain so that she can drive her happy, growing family more comfortably.


SARA SANFORD ’06 of Atlanta, Georgia, started a new position at the Public Health Informatics Institute within the Task Force for Global Health in Atlanta.


MEGAN MANGERSON ZEMAN ’06-I lead my first service trip in Saint Lucia this January. Our nonprofit is sending a group down to North Carolina in 2 weeks doing some hurricane relief and we have a group headed to Dominica in April. Go ahead and message me if anyone is interested in hearing more about what we do or if you’d like to build some houses with us next year. I would really love to get more 30-somethings involved.


Happy spring!


Nicole, Ed, and Andrew