2005 – Spring ’20 Class Letter

2005 – Spring 2020

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Greetings Ripon College Class of 2005!

JUNE 26-28, 2020- If it’s not already on your calendar, BLOCK IT OFF NOW! You all need to be back in Ripon for our 15th year class reunion. The more classmates who come, the more fun we all have!  The Alumni/Constituent Engagement Office does a great job having a variety of things to do throughout the weekend. There have been A LOT of changes to campus in the last 15 years; it’s time to come back and see all of them. Since we’ve graduated, the following changes have been made to campus- the Bookstore moved (three times), new Student Activities Office in the Commons, Storzer is now Willmore with over a $30 million renovation, renovations to Todd Wehr to close in the breezeway/add classrooms, upgrade to East Little Theater, adding a tutoring/academic center into the Library, air conditioning in Johnson Hall Main Lounge (!), built the Campus Apartments, the Pub is now the Spot, Johnson got all new beds, Demmer and Benstead got facelifts, and so much more.

My update- Not a ton has changed with my family. Edward, 8, is half the time too independent and the other half not independent enough. TJ, 4, is running his own life already, at the top of his lungs, and driving me crazy. I love them both to pieces and wouldn’t change a thing as it makes them who they are, even if it has given me more grey hairs then I care to admit. My husband, Eric, and I just celebrated 20 years together and 10 years of marriage. Just writing that makes me feel older than I want to be. While all that seems to be much the same as past letters, what has changed is me. This past summer was transformational for me- I found my voice. I realized I can be and do anything I want to, that I can stand up for myself, and that I deserve to be really happy.  So I’m working through changes to get to the kind of happy I want to be. Change isn’t easy and sometimes it hurts the ones we love, but for me, I now know I can live a life that makes me truly happy. I’m looking forward to where this new confidence takes me!

Here is what is going on with your classmates:

SAL DE LOS ANGELES ’05 writes, “2019 was an incredibly accomplishing year for me: graduated law school, passed the bar, began my legal career as a staff attorney at Legal Aid Chicago, and successfully ran my first marathon ever: the Chicago Marathon! Given my circumstances, after completing my BA at Ripon College, it took me nearly 12 years to develop a strong financial backing to pay for law school. So, from 2005 through 2016, I managed community education programs at the Alzheimer’s Association in Los Angeles and saved enough to put myself through law school completely and entirely committed only to my studies. It paid off! I successfully graduated debt free. From the start, I knew that my legal career was a worthwhile investment. I am proud to say that today I am a licensed practicing attorney in Chicago specializing in public benefits.”

“After leaving Ripon, I never intended to return to the–sometimes bitter cold–Midwest, but life has its ways of helping me follow my destiny. For the foreseeable future I am living in Chicago. I look forward to setting roots in this great city, perhaps investing in real estate: buy a house. I look forward to reconnecting with my Ripon College buddies. While I have been living in Chicago since summer 2016, I have not been able to reconnect due to my studies. But now that I have returned to the workforce, I have also regained my weekends. This is the start of next chapter of my life and the best is yet to come.”

REBECCA SNITILY ELMENDORF ’05 writes, “As of March 2019, I was promoted to Assistant Vice President at TCW, where I have worked since 2013. And in September we welcomed baby boy Nathaniel to the world. He has already traveled to the Midwest and met some of my Ripon friends. We are thinking about going to the 15 year reunion this year. It definitely does not feel like 15 years since I have been to Ripon! Hope everyone is well!”

MARY GRANT HASTE ’05 writes, “We are now a family of 6 and recently bought a new home in Speedway, Indiana. After taking several years off from teaching to raise our children, I now work part time at a Montessori School in Indianapolis Public Schools as their Family and Community Engagement Liaison, and coach their elementary and middle school robotics teams.”

ALISON GALSTER HOSTAD ’05 writes, “I’m in Flagstaff, AZ and for the last few years I’ve gone from Federal archaeologist, to part-time Archaeologist/Operations Manager for an Environmental Consulting firm and full-time mom to a little boy. I recently left the position with the firm to explore freelancing as a Heritage consultant and business owner of Lucia Light of Northern Arizona (www.lucialightnorthernaz.com) where I guide my clients into a healing meditative state with the use of a hypnagogic light.”

CHARLES JOHNSON ’05 writes, “I’m currently still residing in Minneapolis, MN. My daughter, Charli, just turned five, our mini piglet, Cami, is turning three, and we, Raven Jones and I, are currently in the stages of wedding planning. I still own and operate a small automotive financing dealership, which allows me to mess around with cars every…single…day. I’m completely out of the landlord business at this time, but feel a little lost without any properties to manage! I look forward to getting updates on others from our class and hope everyone is well.”

PETER KANE ’05 writes, “My wife, daughter, pug and I moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas this past summer so my spouse could start her PhD program at the U of A. I worked remotely for a while but ended up finding a job down here.”

LINDSY KOLDON ’05 writes, “I got married in June!”

AMANDA GUAY KREJCAREK ’05 writes, “Gene and I crossed an item off of our bucket list and traveled to Augusta, Georgia in April to spend two days at the Masters Golf Tournament.”

PAUL ’05 and SARAH McGILL LARSON ’05 write, “We don’t have much to say, other than we love our new place in Green Bay. Parker (6) is in first grade. Tanner (4) is in a 4K program. Paul is still transitioning into the actuarial profession with interviews and some academic credentialing. Sarah loves her job and students at Bay Port High School.”

CORY MCEWEN ’05 writes, “I’m currently teaching Middle School P.E. in Boynton Beach, FL at Franklin Academy. I’m coaching the JV boys basketball team & the boys baseball team as well. I will be moving into a new house with my wife Lindsay & Dog Jameson on Feb. 20th 2020 in Deerfield Beach, FL.”

RENEA VORPAHLMERTENS ’05 writes, “Hi All!  Exciting changes have happened in the last 6 months. I was promoted at Acuity to a Staff Claims Consultant. Among other duties, I train new claims employees and can finally put my education degree to good use. We have also moved just south of Green Bay to Bellevue, WI, and spent our first Christmas in our new home. Now that we are settled, we are looking forward to exploring our neighborhood.”

MACKENZIE ROYAL ’05 writes, “The year has been quite the whirlwind!  My husband competed on the TV show American Ninja Warrior in Tacoma which was a fun experience!  We bought another house and prepared our first house for rental.  We are thankful to have found great renters!  We  welcomed a new dog into our family after losing one earlier in the year.  His name is Waylon and he only has three legs, but he’s one of the fastest dogs at the dog park! We continue to ski lots (40+ days a season! ) including taking an amazing trip to France in February.”

GWEN SEFRHANS-MURPHY ’05 writes,“My two children, Lucy (almost 3) and Nolan (14 months) keep me busy. I’m currently serving as a pastor in a Lutheran church in my husband’s hometown in Western Illinois.”

Everyone else: Please, please, please send an email, text or call me and let me know how you’re doing and what you’ve been up to. I’d also love to get an updated address or e-mail address from you so Ripon can get you all the important Ripon mailings (like this class letter!).

A few more thoughts from me: Time for my annual plea to donate to the Ripon Fund. You have to have one great memory of your time here that sort of sums up your college career, right? Give those feelings to other prospective students by giving back; we’ll take that money to provide programs they enjoy, the help they need and the scholarships they can’t be here without. Give now while that memory is fresh in your mind. The website is simple- https://www.ripon.edu/give. What memories will you make now because of the memories you made here at Ripon? Stay in touch and let me know!


All the best!

Your Class Agent,