2005 – Fall ’21 Class Letter

2005 – Fall 2021 Class Letter

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Hello Class! 

I (DAPHNE MEYERS LEIGH ’05) hope this letter finds you and your families well. This fall has been a huge shift from the way last year looked like! I am sure that many of you, like me, have learned a WHOLE BUNCH of new skills and strategies for navigating your work and social life — Zoom Happy Hour anyone?!? I sort of hope to never have to do those again, but I also realize how lucky we’ve all been to have the option to do them at all. 

This year’s Alumni Weekend was a bit non-traditional BUT was still a great opportunity for classmates across the decades to come together. Alumni and guests from 29 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, were on campus, August 6-8, representing the classes of 1961 to 2023, for the first-ever August Alumni Weekend after COVID-19 put a pause on campus events over the past 18 months.

Save the date for Alumni Weekend 2022, which will go back to our traditional end of June date: June 23-26, 2022!

This year, like every year, there have been upgrades and updates around campus. The McCullough Family Lounge in Farr Hall of Science — a favorite location of students for studying and collaborative work — recently received an extreme makeover with the intent of making the space more contemporary and technologically friendly. The renovations were made possible by a lead gift from Trustee PHILIP MCCULLOUGH ’69/P’04, and his wife, Pat.

Also, a new Data Visualization Lab was installed in Todd Wehr Hall, which will be a great asset for the math and computer science departments. 

Now here are class notes from classmates across the country: 

DAPHNE MEYERS LEIGH ’05 of New Berlin, Wisconsin: Starting school year 17 as a teacher, still learning new things along the way. Major updates here lie in our non-work activities. I’m now volunteering with Wisconsin PTA as Leadership Chairperson. 

LORYN OHLAUG MERRILL ’05 of West Hills, California: We’ve moved! Not far from where we used to live, but we upgraded to a bigger home with a larger yard. We love the new home but are still trying to unpack and settle in. Work is going well, I just celebrated my one-year anniversary at Raytheon. I’m enjoying it and staying very busy. My youngest just started kindergarten so now all four of my boys are in school. Sports haven’t returned to normal, but we are all hopeful that this year the park will open its leagues again. We are staying safe and enjoying what we have!

PAUL NEUBERGER ’05 of Colgate, Wisconsin, writes “I’m hosting a TV Show! I am beyond excited to announce that I’m hosting a new show on RightNow Media! For those who aren’t familiar with the network, it’s basically Netflix for Christians. It has an international audience with millions of subscribers. My show, ‘Faith at Work,’ highlights executives who have brought Christ into the workplace. In each episode, I interview a different leader to get to know them on a personal level, learn about their organization, tour their facility, and see firsthand how they’ve created a God-centric culture. I’m currently looking for leaders to feature in future episodes. Are you a good fit? Do you know someone who would be?”

AMANDA ZAHN PZYBYL ’05 of Ripon, Wisconsin: We’re moving! Not far, just a bit down Hwy 23, but back to my hometown. So excited for my boys to be Ripon Tigers!

Wishing you all a safe and healthy autumn!

Your Class Agents,