2005–Fall ’18 Class Letter


Daphne Meyers Leigh

414-841-7210 / [email protected]

Amanda Zahn Przybyl

920-299-1081 / [email protected]


Hello Class of 2005!


I write this as I am enjoying my 13th summer break. 13 years as a teacher means 13 years since we left the Ripon classrooms behind.  


This summer I am splitting my time between enjoying all that summer has to offer with my son and daughter (8 and 5) and preparing to start a new school year in a new district. I am excited to be moving to a teaching position at South Milwaukee High School.  


This time around we are very light on updates, so please send us whatever updates you’d like to share either by e-mail or in our Facebook group.  


TERI SOLARZ HATFIELD ’05 and MICHAEL HATFIELD ’05: are still living in Lombard, Illinois with their two littles, ages 7 and 3. Teri is working on becoming a birth doula in her area and expects to be fully certified by the end of the year. It has been a wonderful experience! They are hoping that our classmates are enjoying the summer!


I hope to hear from even more of you in the next round of update requests.  


Have a great summer!


Your Ripon Class Agent,