2004 – Fall ’19 Class Letter

Nick Spaeth

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Greetings, Class of 2004. While we each share a good number of similarities when it comes to our Ripon College experience, it was also clearly something different for each of us. Our individual understanding of what college meant to us undoubtedly changed over time, too. As a good number of us reflected on our personal experiences while on campus for our 15th reunion  this past June, it became clear to me that no matter who you are, where you ended up, or what you thought college was, there is something we each liked about our time at Ripon. Below is what a few of your classmates shared about they liked most about college.

A small favor to ask: if you’re a member of our class Facebook group and have classmate friends who are not, send them my way or encourage them to request to join. In the push for our 15th reunion this year, a few surprise misses presented themselves (sorry, Jenny!). Thanks for taking the time to read. Be sure to pass along your updates to [email protected].

MICHAEL COLES ’04: The friendships made. The multiple activities to be involved in. The parties.

JEREMY COOPER-SPERBER ’04: Studying abroad.

CAROLYN DUVEN ’04: Being myself and making lifelong friends.

LISA HENKE GRAF ’04: The people I’ve become lifelong friends with!

AMANDA PHILLIPS GROSS ’04: Spending time with friends.

SARA WICHLACZ HANEY ’04: Dr. Bob and Skip Wittler’s bio courses and field schools.

KATE HERSEY ’04: The amazing people and professors.

TAMMY JOHNSON ’04: The thing I liked most about college was my involvement with my co-ed fraternity and my sorority. I had many opportunities to express my individuality through these organizations. 

DIANE KEELING ’04: The thing I liked most about college was residential living; everyone was isolated in a small town together, figuring out what to do. 

MAX KELLN ’04: The friends we made along the way.

KATE PETERSEN KINGREE ’04: The Ripon college community that makes you feel like family then and now.

ROZ KORF ’04: Meeting my husband.

MELISSA LUND LUNDT ’04: The thing I liked most about college was the small-town feel/atmosphere. No matter where you were on campus — class, party, sporting event, commons, etc. — you knew someone.

LIZ KEOPNICK MILLER ’04: The lifelong friendships I made, the small class sizes and personalized attention from professors, and the flexibility to explore other interests — art, music, theater — outside my major (biology).

JARED NELLIS ’04: I hadn’t yet realized the true burden of crippling debt! 

JILL SUNDERLAND POHLMEIER ’04: Living just steps away from my friends and the random fun that comes with that. Having so little responsibility. Finding my people.

RACHEL SCHMIDT PUFALL ’04: Lasting friendships formed in Tri-Dorms and the Bov.

NICK SPAETH ’04: Having the opportunity to do so many unique and “only in college” things that helped define the rest of our lives.

PAULA RICHARDSON TOMPKINS ’04: Small, intimate class sizes with engaging, interesting professors and obtaining degrees in things I have a passion for. Meeting new people, many of whom are now my best friends.