2003 – Spring ’23 Class Letter

Happy Spring, Class of 2003!

TWENTY YEARS! Yes…you read that correctly! 20 years ago, we graduated from Ripon College! It feels like just yesterday we were nervously navigating the dorms and new faces as we started our freshman year. So much has happened in all of our lives since then, but how lucky we are to have the foundation that Ripon gave us in our time there! Although I called the campus home 20 years ago, it still has the familiarity of home every time I am back. Which brings me to our first order of business…Alumni Weekend! Join us at Alumni Weekend in June!

Alumni Weekend 2023: We have been busy planning Alumni Weekend over the past few months and we are excited for all the fun we have in store! We already have a good crew coming and hope you will join too!   

Reasons to join Alumni Weekend:

  1. Enjoy the events your reunion team (MITCH SMITH ’03, ELAYNE NORWEB ’03, BRYAN GERRETSEN ’03, LIZ MATELSKI ’03, and AMANDA LUTTENBERGER RIESENBERG ’03) have organized!

Elayne ’03
(917) 509-4826

Liz ’03
(920) 475-7415