2001–Fall ’18 Class Letter


Nicole Baumann-Blackmore

608-513-9078 / [email protected]

Dante A. C. Houston

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Greetings Class of 2001,


We hope this letter finds you well. It’s hard to believe that we graduated from Ripon 17 years ago. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday; sometimes like forever ago. We are all in a very busy time of our lives with careers and/or families. Our hope for you is that you are taking the time to stay connected to those people, places and things that make you happy. Chances are, some of them are Ripon-related! We love hearing about all the amazing things happening in your lives so please continue to share them with us. Here are the most recent updates shared from our classmates:


ZLATAN KRKIC ’01 is still sleep deprived following the birth of his twins in January.


MIKE MISSAK ’01 wants all his fellow Jeep lovers to join the Jeeps on the Run group.They have become the largest donating group for Marine Toys for Tots in the Chicagoland area each December.


RUTHANNE YOUNG SKINNER ’01 finally finished her doctorate.


MICHELLE MIRR THOMAS ’01 and CHRIS THOMAS ’01 had their fourth child, Roman, in November. They are preparing to move to Viroqua, Wisconsin this summer.


KATIE BUFFUM VISSERS ’01 shares that her son, Trent, turned 16 and is wanting to go to Ripon in 2 years. She is still a happy RN working towards a legal nurse consultant.


Take care,