2000 – Spring ’20 Class Letter

2000 – Spring 2020


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Our Twentieth Reunion is nearly here! It was great to see so many folks during our Fifteenth Reunion — but that was five years ago — and twenty years is significant enough to bring in an even bigger crowd!  Some key information to share about the reunion:

#OneDayRally fundraising was a smashing success last year and is set for April 29, 2020.  Let’s get our number of donors to a multiple of twenty this year for our Twentieth!

Some classmate news:

  • Tim TIM BARBER ’00 is an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Appeals Unit at the Wisconsin Department of Justice, having spent all of 2018 and half of 2019 in the Civil Litigation Unit within the DOJ.
  • Patrick PATRICK CASEY ’00 has been nominated for Minnesota Attorney of the Year for 2020 and appeared on KEYC in Mankato in January to discuss the nomination.

There must be more news out there than from just my two buds!  Send in any news you have either to the school or directly to me by email or via this link.

Red Hawk forever,