2000-Spring ’19 Class Letter


Class Agent:

Andre Miksha ’00

[email protected]

Spring 2019

Some news this season for the 2000’ers!


Class Notes:


Sarah and TONY MCCLINTOCK ’00 welcomed their first child, Clara Kay, on January 14th.  The McClintocks live in Concord, Wisconsin. Sarah owns and operates Highland Ridge Stables there in Concord, and Tony is a real estate agent for Shorewest.

CAMILLE CARLSON CLEMONS ’00 contributed her experiences to Sales Success Stories: Real Stories from Real Sellers, 60 Stories from 20 Top 1% Sales Professionals, published in October 2018.  Camille is the Business Development Director of SGG Group’s US operations.


KAREN FISCHER ’00 recently retired and is splitting her time between Wisconsin and northwestern Washington state to see her children and grandchildren.  


Red Hawk forever,