1996 – Spring ’22 Class Letter

Happy Spring, Class of 1996!

I am hoping that 2022 is turning into a more normal year than the past few. I know that like a lot of you, this year I have several events that were postponed, so I am looking forward to trekking across the states again, hopefully, able to run into some of you during my travels.

I want to personally THANK all of you who have supported Ripon College this past fiscal year, especially those who supported the Ripon Fund, as well as #OneDayRally. Our class raised almost $16,000 with 20% of our class contributing. Let us try to match that or beat it in 2022!

Even though it is not our Reunion year, I encourage you to still consider making plans to attend Alumni Weekend on June 23-26, which, as of now, will be much more like the reunions that we knew from the past. The College hosts a wonderful weekend and is open to all alumni with lots of different activities.

We have one class note to share:

BRIAN NORTH ’96 of Madison, Wisconsin, is a Colonel in the U.S. Army. He recently completed two years in command of the 11th Signal Brigade at Fort Hood, Texas. He is currently on an Army fellowship to complete his Ph.D. in American History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This summer he will report to the Pentagon where he will serve as the Director of the Army Initiatives Group, the army’s internal think-tank and strategic planning element. His wife, TANYA HENNES NORTH ’97, is currently completing post-graduate certifications in Biotechnology and Stem Cell Research before their move to Washington, D.C.

Lastly, thanks to everyone that keeps us posted on Facebook, Instagram, Zoom calls or whatever other social media platform you are using. It’s great to see the family pictures, amazing adventures, or those crazy status updates. It is wonderful to keep track of each other and their lives even though we might not see each other on a regular basis.

Here is to a great summer of 2022!


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Your 1996 Class Agent