1996 – Fall ’21 Class Letter

1996 – Fall 2021 Class Letter


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Happy Fall, Class of 1996! 

As 2021 began to open up and traveling was a bit safer, I was super fortunate to get out there and see many of my fellow Ripon College classmates. This included spending a week in Boston with LORI BERGERON-KOZIOL ’95, meeting up with EDWARD STEWART ’96 in Traverse City, and hanging in a Milwaukee beer garden with JOAN GRZESINSKI ’96, AMY TINCHER-DURNIK ’96, and MICHELE SIRINEK ’95

In August, we had our 25th Class Reunion and, understandably, it was small. However, several of our classmates of ’96 attended: AMY DAVENPORT KONGRATSASY ’96, MELISSA WILLIAMS SCHMIDT ’96, JOAN GRZESINSKI ’96, AMY TINCHER-DURIK ’96, STEVE MARTIN ’96, KYRSTEN KOEBACH ’96, and CAREY MOLINSKI ’96 as well as several other alumni from classes above and below. Even though it was small, everyone that made it to Ripon that weekend made the experience very memorable (except when it got past midnight). 

Lastly, in September I had a trip up to Minneapolis, where a small gathering of alumni socialized the night away; AMY DAVENPORT KONGRATSASY ’96, IAN BARRETT ’96, KHAM KONGRATSASY ’98, RYAN JOHNSON ’97, and SARA HOLBACH KLECKNER ’94.  

And as I wrote this, I headed on a week-long adventure through Colorado meeting up with RANDY JOHNSON ’96, RICK JOHNSON ’96, KOLLEEN HENNIGAN JOHNSON ’98, COURTNEY NUGENT ’96, ERIN NUGENT SONNLEITNER ’98, TONYA RENAE EWERS ’95, and JULIE WEDDING SCOTT ’97 all along the way. 

From social media, I know I was able to see some of the other Ripon College gatherings from ADPi trips to the Women’s Basketball Team. It is so wonderful to see everyone and, even though we aren’t talking to each other, know they are doing okay. As always please contact me or post on our Facebook page (Ripon College: Class of 1996). If anyone from our class has any new updates! We all love to see what is new and catch up with one another.  

Try to have a great winter (hopefully, it won’t be too cold or snowy) and I will touch base with you in the spring!