1996 – Fall ’19 Class Letter

Jason Wood

[email protected]


Happy fall, Class of 1996! 2020 is right around the corner, can you believe it? Summer seems to just zoom by. I hope that everyone had a great past couple months enjoying the sun and warmth while we have it. Speaking of warmth, for work I had to attend a conference down in Los Angeles and was fortunate enough to make a leisurely trip up the California coast ending up in San Francisco. While in that city, I was able to spend some quality time with ELKE SPORSEEN BETONTE ’96 and KIM PHU ’96, catching up on everything old and new.

I am still making it out to Wisconsin a couple times a year to see my family, and it is always great to do a mini-reunion with fellow alumni while I am in the “motherland.” This past June, I was able to head down to Chicago to see KARI LEE ’96 and JOAN GRZESINSKI ’96, enjoying the offerings of the Parkway Bank Park Entertainment District. 

JERI BELONGIA LOEWE ’96 of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, is project manager in Performance Excellence with Agnesian Healthcare. “I hope to use my skills in process improvement and my passion for prevention along with a love and empathy for people to continue to make our healthcare systems better and our communities stronger.”

I know it seems far away BUT remember that 2021 is our 25th anniversary. Start planning now because I would love to see you all there! Meanwhile, please go out and support Ripon College in any way you can. Not only donating monetarily, but always promoting and recommending the College to friends and family.  

Have a great winter – hopefully it won’t be too cold out there this year.