1996–Fall ’18 Class Letter


Jason Wood

[email protected]


Happy Fall Class of 1996!

Can you believe that 2019 is right around the corner? Summer seems to be gone in a blink of a second now a days, as it does every year.  I hope that everyone had a great past couple months, being able to spend some time outdoors enjoying the sun and warmth. The year isn’t even over and I can tell you that 2018 has been a year of highs and lows for me. But some of the highs I know for me is being able to see and spend quality time with old friends, particularly ones from Ripon College. And I have had that privilege a few times these past couple months.   
A few months ago four of us from Ripon spent a weekend in New York City (LORI BERGERON ’95, SHEA HARDY ’95, and RYAN COX ’95). We attempted to live like we were still were in college, which at our age CLEARLY doesn’t work.   

Around that time I had the opportunity to have a wonderful night of dinner and drinks in NYC with AMY TINCHER-DURIK ’96 (not the best selfie out there, so I apologize in advance). And when I was in Wisconsin at the beginning of summer for a bit, I had the fortune to spend time with these lovely characters from our class (KYRSTEN KOEBACH ’96, JOAN GRZESINSKI ’96, KIM PHU  ’96). True friends are hard to come by but I can say they are there when you really need them.

In June I ran in the Seattle Rock and Roll ½ Marathon, raising money for the SYTA Youth Foundation which benefits children who cannot afford to travel, a cause that is super close to my heart. After the race I got to unwind and recuperate (in wine country) with KENDRA TRIPP ’96.

Those were my adventures. Now all of you, please keep us all posted on things that are happening, whether a brief update to the college or posting updates/pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or any of the social media outlets there. It is wonderful to keep track of each other and their lives even though we might not see each other on a regular basis.