1995 – Fall ’19 Class Letter

Angela Keith

928-380-1880 / [email protected]

Vince Padilla

[email protected]

 Amy DeKeyser Padilla

 [email protected]


Dear Class of 1995: There are so many exciting things to report in this fall letter, so let’s jump right in!

First and perhaps the most exciting, next summer we celebrate our 25-year reunion! I’m a little in awe of that number. When I used to volunteer at Alumni Weekends, I’d look at those coming back for their 25th and think “Wow, they’re getting old!” Well, now I’m just hoping nobody thinks the same about us. This is a big one, so PLEASE consider planning your summer vacation around coming back to Ripon for Alumni Weekend 2020, which will be June 26-28.

Lodging already is available at Comfort Suites under the Alumni Weekend block, while other hotels are still in the works. If you want to really take a trip down memory lane, you also can reserve on-campus housing in the dorms. More detailed information will be available closer to the date, but again, we’d really love to see so many of you come back and reminisce with us! If anyone wants to help with reunion planning, let us know!

A new addition to the Ripon website has been created! Check out www.ripon.edu/rconnections. Here you will find news, alumni gatherings, obituaries, class letters and photos. You also can submit your own news and information.

On May 1, Ripon College held its second annual #OneDayRally, where alumni banded together on social media to support our alma mater. There were 1,446 alumni who made donations to the Ripon Fund, totaling $1,085,314. What a fantastic fundraising effort! Thanks to all of you who donated to the College in the last fiscal year, whether it was during the #OneDayRally or another time. The College and its current students truly appreciate our support.

In some personal news, Vince and I are taking life on the road!  For those of you who may not be Facebook friends with us and know this already, we have decided to take life in a non-traditional direction. Before another long Wisconsin winter sets in, we hope to purge most of our belongings, sell our house, move into our RV and travel the country. It is a concept called full-time RV’ing, and an estimated one million people are already doing it. We look forward to new adventures, and also plan to share our journey on social media under the brand “We Could Be Lost.” We hope you will follow us!

We’ll be in touch with more reunion information as soon as possible. We’re already looking forward to seeing everyone next summer!


GREGORY “GREG” FLEGEL ’95 is a senior revenue analyst with Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division. He also serves on the board of directors of Woodland Pattern Book Center.