1995–Fall ’18 Class Letter


Angela Keith

(928) 380-1880 / [email protected]

Vince Padilla

[email protected]

Amy DeKeyser Padilla

[email protected]


Hello Class of ’95!


I hope you are enjoying this issue of R Connections.  I find this new format pretty awesome—now we are able to check in on the classes that surrounded us during our time at Ripon. Like me, I’m sure you all had friends in every class, and it is nice to see what they are up to.


Our letter, this time around, is going to be fairly brief. We have not received any updates from our classmates in the last few months, and all the information about the goings on at Ripon are now part of the magazine.


As usual, please consider donating to the Annual Fund to ensure Ripon can continue to be a part of the lives of our future generations. Ripon was a stepping stone for us that helped create the path we are on now.


We truly enjoy hearing updates from our classmates! If there is something new and exciting in your life—let us know via email, Facebook, or one of those information cards that Ripon sends out! It would be nice to be able to report in the next issue.


Until next time …