1991-Spring ’19 Class Letter

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Spring 2019

Greetings, Class of 1991!


Hope you survived the long winter and by the time you read this are in the midst of a glorious spring in full bloom.

Class Notes:


SAMANTHA BAILEY FAST ’91 – I had a mini getaway in September to visit KRISTI VOROS ’92 in Seattle and once again failed to convince her to relocate to the Twin Cities. I’d have so much more success if she didn’t have access to our weather reports. Lucy the little black wonder dog died on December 7. She was 16.5 years old, which is remarkable longevity for a dog and it was her time, but I still miss her every day. We’re getting ready to head to Orlando for a professional conference that we’ve tacked on some vacation days for a trip to Harry Potter world. Ostensibly this is an extravagant birthday trip for our newly minted 10 year old, but it’s probably more about indulging my inner Hermione Granger.


KARL FELD ’91 I’m still living in North Carolina just outside Raleigh.  I never thought I would be in one place this long, but it’s going on 15 years now.  I feel I am comfortably gathering moss, though I definitely get my share of travel in.  My eldest daughter is out on her own and got a full-time, paying job this year!  My middle daughter is in high school and thinking either about veterinary school of virtual environment design.  My youngest is in middle school and wants to be a research or surgical medical doctor.  My company was sold to Ipsos North America, so now I report to an office in DC.  I continue to practice Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing), though I received a side kick to the head which put me out for 6 months with a nasty concussion.  I’ve also taken up violin, which I practice with my middle daughter.  Both she and the youngest are percussionists in their school bands, putting my piano instruction to good use.  My youngest is also now an avid guitar player.  Otherwise life goes, and I’m enjoying the pace, hospitality and weather which living in the South affords.


BECKY HUSTAD ’91 and BRIAN FREY ’91 — We celebrated out 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to Arizona in October including Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Sedona, and many points in between. It was unseasonably cold and rainy, but we managed to have a great time anyway hiking and seeing the sights.  



CHARLIE MERWIN ’91 — Ellen and I are doing great in Barrington, Illinois, where I am still overseeing the Chicago’s northwest suburbs for a national financial services firm. We had a lot of travel this year with trips to Italy, France and England.  Our son John ’16 was in Mozambique with the US Army but is back at Fort Drum, NY now with his wife Rebecca ’16. Our youngest Katherine has graduated from college and lives in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. Our latest Ripon “reunion” was at ESA KIIRIKKI ’91’S wedding last fall in Massachusetts.  Here is photo of me, LUKE HUSTON ’91 and ESA ’91.


MAURA MURPHY ’91 — I am doing well; still living in St Louis Park, Minnesota with my husband Steve, kids Truman and Claire and dog Benji – and still working at General Mills. I am looking forward to taking a trip to the Azores this summer with JULIE ARMATOSKI ’91, HEATHER THIEME ’91, RONA HENDERSON PARSONS ’91, KRISTEN GRAY ’91 and VICKI HAAS SYMONDS ’92.


LORI STITCH OBLUDA ’91 — No earth-shattering news here, since I’ve been staying closer to home lately to dote on our nearly-19-year-old kitty. With being around more, we decided to undertake some fairly significant home-improvement projects (adding several guest suites at our place in Park City… come visit!). We’ve taken a little time off here and there: managed to catch a few of the Sundance Festival films and some skiing in between (15 minutes from sitting in our living room to sitting on the lift!), and we took a 4-day mini-break to relax on St. Maarten for Bernie’s 55th birthday 2 weeks ago. Christmas week in Amsterdam (airline trip), and yesterday I caught a flight to Paris last night to spend a day with him during an airline layover there before returning to the construction… but the most exciting thing lately was petting this moose when she strolled up to me as I was returning with a load of 2×4’s from Home Depot yesterday morning!


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