1989 – Spring ’22 Class Letter

Dear Class of ’89,

Hope this finds you all well. Hard to believe we are entering our third year with the cloud of COVID-19 hanging over us all, but with vaccines, it seems possible to get back to some of things we love like travel and seeing friends and family. ERIK ’89 and I, in fact, are looking forward to a very belated anniversary trip to LA at the end of February, where we will have the pleasure of seeing MITCH ROSIN ’89 and JAMES MADDISON ’89 and BETH VASEY MEYER ’90 (even celebrating JAMES’ birthday)! As for MITCH, he is in the middle of writing his doctoral dissertation. . . Yup, who would have ever thought! He also splits his time between California and New York, so drop him a note if you are in the neighborhood.

Many of you may be aware through Facebook that we lost our classmate, KEVIN “FLOUNDER” NORRIS ’89, who passed away on January 2. DAVE TROY ’90 wrote a nice tribute online: “KEVIN was a great person who loved life. Those of us who fondly remember him from his college years, recall ‘Flounder’ being a source of joy to all his friends. Whether playing Santa, training a profane parrot, playing rugby, inner tube water polo or drinking upside-down while doing a headstand, KEVIN made us all smile. We love and miss you, Brother.”

Other updates since our last letter:

In November, Ripon College finally paid the respects due to our classmate, Army Capt. PAUL J. CASSIDY ’89 who died of non-combat injuries in 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He became the most recent designate to the College’s War Memorial (see picture). As a civilian, he was assistant to the clerk, Mary Helmbrecht, at Meridian Township in Michigan. “PAUL had made a life out of helping people in troubled regions,” Helmbrecht said. “His mission to Iraq with the Army Reserves was similar to previous duties in Kosovo, Bosnia, and Kuwait, where he distributed food and blankets and helped reconstruct power grids, improve phone lines, re-establish farms, provide water and repair houses. He was basically in there to help people, doing humanitarian deeds, the nice things.” Here is an article that was featured by Ripon College.

TED HARWOOD ’89 of Conroe, Texas, is celebrating 20 years with ExxonMobil, currently in Global Security. His oldest daughter is attending Texas A&M in the engineering program, and he reports that, “the dog doesn’t freak out anymore when we wear masks.”

KRIS PEHLE GRASSE ’89 of Bristow, Virginia, will be retiring in June from teaching elementary school for 17 years, and says she is, “looking for a new adventure!”

Congratulations to Battalion Chief CHRIS HANNES ’89 of Kenosha, Wisconsin, who received his final tone-out in December, closing out 24 years of service with the Kenosha Fire Department.

Starting last October, ALICE GALLAGHER ARCHABAL ’89 of Northbrook, Illinois, is on the Board of Trustees for the College. Way to represent, Al Gal!

RODNEY DEAN SCHULZ ’89 of Slinger, Wisconsin, writes, “Our first grandson turned one in August. Number two is due in December.”

It is fun to see the gatherings of classmates through Facebook, whether it is for a football game, wedding, or simply dinner. Keep sharing and we will look forward to our next chance to see you all in real life.




Your 1989 Class Agents