1989 Fall ’23 Class Letter


We hope you are having a great 2023 and want to remind you to MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR OUR 35TH REUNION . . . JUNE 20 – 23, 2024. This is not the traditional weekend, so please make note and be sure to plan ahead!

Two people in green jackets holding a red flagDescription automatically generatedAs you can tell from the pictures below, NIK and I have swapped roles as globe-trotters. NIK and TOBI CAWTHRA ’89 made it all the way to Antarctica (even bringing a Ripon pennant) and Nik was joined by SCOTTIE NICHOLS GIROUARD ’89, ANNE BURCHMORE MIES ’89, AMY WALDER CARRINGTON ’89, and ERIKA DAVISON-AVILES ’91 on a women’s trip to Greece. Future travel plans include Ireland, Germany, and Morocco!

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As for me, I was able to spend time with NIK and JT earlier this summer and played host to MARC HEALY ’89 and his son in New York City. I’m thankful that my place on Maui survived the fires and look forward to supporting the island through what will be many years of recovery. I encourage everyone to visit Maui, spend money, and support the recovery efforts. If you are looking for a place to stay, hit me up and I can share the link for my place. For those of you on my FB page, you can pretty much tell where I’m flying and what I’m eating at any given moment.

With 2023 heading towards a close (New Years is only a few months away), please keep us posted on all of your travels . . . We’d love to meet up with you for mini reunions. And, of course we will see you for our 35th Reunion Weekend! Currently we are planning to host a “drop in as you wish” night at Roadhouse Pizza on Friday, June 21 and a bowling night on Saturday, June 22. Stay tuned for more details.

Room Blocks:

  • Mapes Hotel (Ripon)Book online (access code: riponcollege101)
  • Heidel House (Green Lake) Book online
  • Cobblestone Suites (Ripon) – Book by calling 920.748.5500

We also encourage you to book your stay early . . . There are plenty of Airbnb places if you don’t want to relive your experiences on campus!


Mitch ’89


Nik ’89