1988–Fall ’18 Class Letter


David Jonas ’88

(202) 251- 9640/[email protected]

Kathy Wade ‘88

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Greetings classmates from David!

What a fabulous weekend!!!  Our 30th Reunion was a picture perfect time on campus. Not too hot, not to cold and lots of memories.


There was a gathering on Thursday night at the old/newly refurbished Roadhouse for all alumni.


On Friday the golf tournament, lunch and cake cutting were followed by the young alumni and Athletic Hall of Fame inductees.  The Class of 1988 hosted the Friday evening all Campus reception at the Spot (Student Union).


On Saturday, most of the classmates on campus for our reunion joined us for the all campus march and the BBQ lunch where we presented our class gift of over $13,000. This was a record year for us.  We have donated as a class over $60K over the last 5 years.


We hosted our dinner at the Spot at the Union.  Classmates that joined us for dinner included CAROL SHAY HORNUNG ’88, PHILLIP TROBAUGH ’88, JIM CONWAY ‘88, RICK BOWHOUSEN ’88, DANA  FRANCOIS SCOTT ‘88, SCOTT GUSTAFSON ‘88, JIM HART ‘88, ZEV BARNETT ‘88, JIM DONNELLY ‘88, MICHELLE EBERT WITT ‘88, JEFF EASTMAN ‘88, RUDY FRANK ‘88, and GEOFFREY SEYMOUR ‘88. This was one of our larger turn outs for a reunion year. RENEE DUESCHER KRAUSE ‘88 stopped by at reunion to join us on the march and lunch.  


I hope that we do not have to wait another five years to see everyone (2023/35 years).


As the fiscal year ended right after reunion we begin a new year and a clean slate for the alumni fund.  I would like to see if we can start increasing our class participation.


As always, Kathy and I appreciate everyone who contributed to the annual fund and attended Reunion Weekend.


Class Notes:

ZEV BARNETT ‘88 shared: “I’m working with some caregivers in town here to try to save a kid with liver cancer.”

KATHY WADE ‘88 shared: “I had a fantastic time over Alumni Weekend reconnecting with classmates and other Ripon Alumni. Being on campus is always like going home. It was so awesome to see everyone there!”