1987-Spring ’19 Class Letter


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Dorrie Smith Scranton ’87


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Chris Templeton ’87


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Spring 2019

Hello Class of 1987!


Happy Spring! (At least, we hope it’s finally spring by the time you get this – we’re over the snow and cold.) We love hearing from you and sharing updates with everyone.  Please keep the news and the updates coming!


Class News:


DORRIE SMITH SCRANTON ’87 of Woodstock, Connecticut and MICHELLE MARTIN ’87 of Madison, Wisconsin traveled out to Southwestern Colorado last fall to meet up with CHRIS TEMPLETON ’87 of Chicago, Illinois, to spend a long weekend, hiking, off-roading, and fly fishing in the San Juan Mountains near Telluride, Colorado.  


Photo from left to right – Dorrie Smith Scranton, Chris Templeton, Michelle Martin


OLIVIA HECHT ’87 of Reading, Massachusetts, finds herself jetting around the world in her position as a marketing executive, while also curating decorative robot art created out of salvaged gears and circuit boards with other collectors in the Boston area.   Way to work that side hustle, Livy!


JANE SAUER BLANCHARD87 of Reading, Vermont, has turned her life long passion for daisies into a business opportunity, “DaisyJane,” working to create urban wildflower gardens for her clients.  

KEN GRANT ’87 of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, is an official intern/vicar at the Genesis Lutheran Church (photo below) in Detroit and on way to ordination at the end of this year.   Nice work, Ken!


CAROL RAVITZ ’87 of Tucson, Arizona, has pivoted a long and successful career in marketing to a new chapter as a Real Estate professional in Tucson, AZ.  If this past winter has you longing to leave the snow, ice and cold behind for the desert of AZ, we’re sure Carol would be happy to help find you the perfect home.  


JANNAN ROESCH ’87 of Platteville, Wisconsin, is launching an online ETSY store specializing in collectibles and fashions from the ’80s and ’90s. We’re with you, Jannan – some of the best looks came from those decades.

Dorrie, Chris