1987–Fall ’18 Class Letter


Dorrie Smith Scranton

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Chris Templeton

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Hello Classmates!   


Hope everything is wonderful in your world. We hope you are enjoying everything that summer has to offer. So much to stay up to date on what’s going with everyone – so, please keep the news, posts and photos coming!  


Class News:


RENEE PFEIFER LUCKETT ’87  was recently awarded the UW System Administration (UWSA) “Eugene Craven Award for Academic Staff”. The award is named in memory of a former UWSA Assistant Vice President in the Office of Analysis Services and Information Systems. President Robert O’Neil established a memorial fund to recognize academic staff members who best exemplify the commitment, vitality, excellence, and initiative that characterized Gene Craver’s career. The selection criteria include personal interaction, initiative, creativity, and outstanding achievement.     

CHRISTINE ELLIOTT ’87 is inspiring all of us. We learned on social media that she read a book, “You are a Badass” that inspired great things for her – new job, new condo in the city of Chicago and a new optimistic outlook on life. We’re checking it out on Amazon, right now!


MAUREEN FARRY DOLAN ’87 of St Paul, Minnesota and her husband, JAY DOLAN ’85 are Cheeseheads again! They’ve recently sold their house of 20+ years in St Paul, Minnesota (which looked an awful lot like a spruced up Bartlett Hall if you ask us) and relocated about 30 miles away in Wisconsin. We hear that Maureen’s got plans to open a vegan bakery in the fall.


BARRY GOTHARD ’87, inspired by a documentary he saw on the benefits of football players taking ballet and honing their balance and agility skills, has developed a specialized yoga and mediation program for his local Canadian youth hockey league. Though the program is relatively new, he is convinced that this more limber and focused team will lead them to victory in the coming years.

DAN ORLIKOFF ’87 recently took a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota with fellow Ripon alums, JIM STATON ’88, RANDY ROEPER ’88 and CHRIS CAROW ’88 – along with their sons. Sure bet, there were some good stories and laughs shared over s’mores around the campfire.

CRAIG SCHAEFER ’87 writes “ for the past 2 ½ years, I’ve been the Program Manager for the Department of Defense’s effort to modernize their electronic health record.”   Sounds like a big job with a lot of attention. Craig was recently named one of Federal Computing Weekly’s top 100 Government IT Leaders. Very impressive, Craig!