1986 – Spring ’23 Class Letter

Class of 1986,

Sitting here waiting for an epic snowmageddon asking myself why am I still in the Midwest? How many of you have moved to warmer climates, do you miss the rest of us? Would like to hear how you’re adapting, what’s been unexpected, is the grass greener, and what you miss? Really, please, would appreciate the material for the Class Letter.

My son graduated from Ripon in 2019 and I’m no longer on the Alumni Board, so I’m not as tuned in with Ripon as I once was. Excited to learn more about the expansion and upgrades to Farr Hall and interested in how the City of Ripon reacts to losing an Ingalls field partner. Coach Ernst’s last game was one for the ages, Ripon 82 – Lawrence 0, I was shocked, but very happy to share the score with my sister, a “Larry”. That’s an unbelievable score. Thanks Coach Ernst!

I’m looking forward to a vacation in England and Scotland this June, if anyone is going to be there let me know, let’s share a pint! Your stories of adventure, achievement, or special events would add significantly to the fall report.

Alumni Weekend is scheduled for June 22-25! More information about the event and activities occurring during Alumni Weekend will be available at alumni.ripon.edu/alumni-weekend soon. There are room blocks at Heidel House in Green Lake (Book here) and at Cobblestone Suites in Ripon (Call 920.748.5500). There will also be rooms available on campus starting in April.

Have a great summer and don’t forget Ripon.


Dan ’86

P.S. There will be a special giving event in conjunction with inauguration weekend, April 20-23, to celebrate Ripon’s 14th President, Victoria N. Folse, and the exciting momentum happening within our campus community. This event will be an extension of the #OneDayRally brand and experience. Stay tuned for more information. We look forward to your participation!