1985-Spring ’19 Class Letter

Class Agent: Heather McFadden Barrie

[email protected]

Spring 2019


Think Spring!  And Master the Art of Giving – Class of ’85!


No doubt many of you have endured a long and cold winter. Spring can’t come fast enough!  Here’s a thought…instead of letting the winter cold drive us insane – let’s refocus! Even if you’re enjoying warmer weather – let’s refocus our mindset for 2019.  


This spring’s message focuses on “Mastering the Art of Giving”. I’m calling on all of my fellow classmates to “give” to Ripon College this year. There are as many reasons to give as there are ways to give. Below are a few examples.


Give advice and encouragement. Visit your local high school and talk with students about college. Offer any advice the students seek. Share your Ripon College experience.

Give money. Set aside some extra $$ for the Ripon College Ripon Fund.

Give of your talents. Volunteer at your local high school and present during the school’s Focus on Career Days – share stories about your Ripon College journey and how your education led you to where you are today.

Give a recommendation/help with applications. Serve as a reference for high school students seeking letters of recommendation for their college applications, scholarships, etc.  Assist high school students in completing the necessary paperwork to apply to a college or to apply for a scholarship. We’ve all been there! Connect with your local Ripon College recruiter.  Meet with students who show an interest in Ripon College and share your experience as a Ripon graduate.

“Give others all that is alive in us—our interest, understanding, our knowledge, our humor, everything in us that’s good. In doing so, we enhance the sense of aliveness in others while enhancing our own. When we give, we get a “heightened vitality” of what it means to be human.” – Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving


Let’s Master the Art of Giving Class of ’85!  Share your “Ripon Giving” stories and let’s start a ripple effect.  I look forward to hearing from all of you!


 Heather McFadden Barrie ’85