1985–Fall ’18 Class Letter


Heather McFadden Barrie ’85

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Greetings from the Class of 1985!!!


Welcome to Ripon College – Class of 2022!  May your freshman year be an amazing journey filled with classes that inspire you to be the best you and awesome adventures that shape your life as you continue to explore who you are and what you will become.  Remember, it’s your journey – so take advantage of everything Ripon College has to offer. Take it from us alums – the old farts who graduated 33 years ago!!!! Yes, before you were even born!!! We knew the sky was the limit back then and now… the sky’s the limit for you!


Congratulations Ripon College Class of 2018!  Welcome to the rank of Ripon College Alumni. Your last four years at Ripon College will be forever ingrained in your memories.  As you join our rank of becoming one of the many Ripon College alumni, you now have bragging rights to say you’re a Ripon College Graduate!!! Share your Ripon pride with everybody.  It will bring a smile to your face every time – guaranteed – you’ll always have a memory to share with anyone who will listen to your college adventures. Don’t forget about your alma mater. Visit often and partake in any events happening in your hometown.


For both Ripon College Freshman (Class of 2022) and recent Ripon College Graduates (Class of 2018), my fellow classmates have shared some words of wisdom, advice to live by, and secrets to success/happiness that we’ve all embraced for the past 33 years. Here’s what they have to say:


“Enjoy and cherish your college years; it may seem difficult at the time, but you’ll always remember time spent with friends and the experiences you shared.” – LISA BEHRENS KENNEDY ’85

“The life you live is the lesson you teach,” unknown – JEANNE TOMLIN LAWSON ’85

“Be happy!  Only you can make yourself happy!  Happiness breeds energy and enthusiasm which are the secrets to success. Low and behold…happiness and success go hand in hand!” – HEATHER MCFADDEN BARRIE ’85


Class Updates:


JEANNE TOMLIN LAWSON ’85 writes, “I’m a school psychologist living and working in Noblesville, Indiana.  My oldest daughter attends Bradley University in Peoria, and my youngest is starting her senior year of high school. I’m enjoying a summer break filled with paddle boarding, reading and cooking.”


Enjoy your journey!